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Season 3

Episode 12

Eve’s POV:

After the few minutes that had passed in the room, we heard shuffling of shoes on the other side of the door. It wasn’t prominent but faint enough that I could hear. Did my hearing become better because I was an Angel now? I heard Ruka sigh and I pulled back to face him. I saw him put his finger on his lip indicating me to keep quiet.

He raised one of his hand towards the door and snapped the door that resulted in the door to open by itself. I saw Lizzy standing with Bella, Sebastian, Louis, Andria, Shane and I saw a boy of age fourteen with them. Lizzy, Bella, and Andria were standing in front of the door with a sheepish smile on their face.

“We were just passing by the door,” Lizzy made an excuse as though they weren’t spying on us.

“To my room?” Ruka asked amused.

“Yeah, we ah actually were planning to have dinner out in the city,” she replied.

“Yeah,” Bella nodded her head.

“Sebastian saw you carrying a tiny box actually, so we wanted to witness the romantic scene though we had to settle in only with the audio part,” Andria told bluntly with a smile. Seeing the ring on my hand they squealed.

“Congratulations!!” they wished coming towards us. I got up from the bed to get hugs and kisses from them.

“We are so happy for you two,” Andria said it with a tender smile.

“Thank you, Andria.”

“Yeah, congratulations to the lovely couple,” Sebastian wished us. Shane and Louis did too. Later I was suddenly engulfed in another hug.

“Congratulations,” the boy wished me and kissed my cheek earning a growl from behind, “I’m happy for you Vivi.”

“Aiden?” I asked shocked.

“Yeah,” he had this wide grin on his face.

“How did you grow up this fast?” I asked him. How can someone grow that fast? I felt a warm hand whisk its way around my waist.

“He’s a pure blood’s child. As both Shane and Andria are of purebloods, his growth and knowledge rate quickens the process,” Ruka explained to while my mouth was open, “That’s why Andria took him along to stay with Shane for a month, love.”

“Oh,” was all I could say, “That’s really fast.”

“I missed you, Vivi,” Aiden said, “Ruka,” he said seriously, “You better treasure her as she deserves,” he said winking at me making Ruka’s hold on me tighten a little.

“I will pup,” Ruka told with a little edge in his voice. Was this the reason Ruka was jealous of Aiden that day? Because he knew about his growth and all?

“You never know who will take her away,” Aiden told jokingly.

“Aiden!” Andria scolded him, “So when’s the lucky day?” she asked us changing the topic.

“We haven’t thought about it yet,” Ruka told her, “Maybe once Eve graduated school we could pick a day,” he told them and they murmured in agreement.

The rest of the time we sat in the garden chatting. I had called up my parents and my friends to tell about the engagement. They were extremely happy and told they would come to the castle in two days. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs on the balcony that I was engaged. I was engaged and it was weird to tell it out. After dinner, Ruka pulled me out of the castle to have some time for ourselves. We walked out of the castle feeling the fresh breeze.

“In future when we have kids will they grow up so fast too?” I asked him and a beautiful smile graced up his lips.

“That depends, its first time to have a pairing like ours so we can’t say anything about it. Maybe once the baby starts growing in the w.o.m.b we can know what it is,” he told and I nodded my head.

“I see.”

“It makes me happy to know that you are thinking about our kids already,” he told me and continued talking, “You just have to tell the word, Eve.”

“Word?” I asked him confused at what he was talking.

“Yes, love,” he replied bending down to kiss my temple, “Just a word and I’ll see to it that we have as many children you want,” he said smirking making my cheeks turn crimson at the comment.

“Ah-okay,” I replied and he took my hand in his hand.

“I didn’t get to thank you for saving Sebastian’s life,” he said as we walked out through the castle gate, “I’m sure he might have told that he didn’t want his life to be saved but deep down he does, for the reason to have a life with his soul mate. I’m sorry that you had to give up your wings,” he said pursing his lips.

“I don’t mind that,” I told him, “I had decided it by my own free will.”

“Even if you had decided to give up something, you would still have lost your wings,” he said.

“I don’t understand.”

“Eve, the law of nature is very tricky and no one can fight that battle. It is futile to go against it. How do I put it,” he paused for a second, “The nature force knows what’s important to you and what you value the most, it would exchange it with what you want. Immortality and the powers didn’t mean anything at that time to you and in them, your feathered wings were your top most priority then,” he said.

We had come far away from the castle now. Where was Ruka taking me? I was a newborn angel and my powers weren’t discovered yet.

“Is it possible to get the wings back?” I asked him. I did miss them, it was fluffy and nice. How did it feel to fly in the sky? Ruka looked at the trees that surrounded us and spoke.

“Annesana told once you learn to control your powers there’s a possibility of it growing back,” he said and I yayed at the possibility. We heard few growling in the trees and I immediately clinged on Ruka’s arms.

“Would you liked to go back?” he asked me and I nodded my head, “Alright then,” he said and in a second I saw two black wings appeared on his back. It looked beautiful on him, a dark angel.

“You can’t piggyback me,” I told him and he chuckled, “What?”

“Nothing,” he said placing one of his hand on my back and bent down to carry me bridal style. Seeing my hesitation he spoke, “Don’t worry, love. I won’t drop you. I will always catch you,” and his wings flapped together to soar in the air. It was a full moon and it felt really big today. I felt the cool air rushing and I felt myself smile. Flying up in the sky with the stars shining felt enthralling, I could see the castle and the forest clearly as we flew. The balcony of our room was open but he didn’t put me down once we reached.

“We should do that often,” I told him as he carried me inside. He placed me on the bed while he sat next to me.

“I agree.”

His wings hadn’t disappeared and he looked at me intently. His eyes were turning into slits and his fangs were peaking from his lips. My heart skipped a beat looking at him. I didn’t know if I was scared of him or if I found his appearance to a whole new level of s.e.xiness. He leaned forward to brush my hair gently.

“Does it scare you, Eve?” he asked me, his eyes burning brightly while I felt his fingers tracing from my cheek to my neck slowly.

“No,” I whispered.

“Good,” he said and I saw darkness lurking around his eyes. I had the feeling that he was troubled by something. I caught his face surprising him and kissed on his lips.

“I accept everything you have to offer me, Ruka. You have nothing to worry about, I’m here with you and that’s all that matters. I love you,” I told him and he embraced me, running his nose on the length of my neck and inhaling.

“I love you too, Eve. It’s too late if you ever plan to leave because you are mine,” he said and pulled back, “Don’t you forget that,” he whispered it in my ears, brushing his lips slowly before capturing my lips with his for a passionate kiss and he loved me all night.

The next day when I woke up, the sun was up and squinting my eyes I looked at the watch to see it was past noon. Rubbing my eyes I sat up and yawned. Last night was special in every way, I was lost in my dreamland when Ruka entered the room. I saw him smile and he came towards the bed.

“Good afternoon,” I wished him as he took a seat next to me.

“Good afternoon, sweet Eve. Did you sleep well?” he asked me and I nodded with a smile, “Your dad has come,” he said. I was yet to tell my parents about my engagement, I could tell them once I finished freshening up. I saw Ruka weave his hair with his long fingers and his posture a little stiff before I could ask anything he spoke.

“Your father thinks it’s best if you stayed with them until we married,” he said and I frowned at it, “A few matters came up and it was then decided it was for the best if you went back with them until then.”

“And when is that?” I asked him as I stopped breathing.

“By tonight,” he replied and kissed me on my lips, seeing the sadness emerging on my face. We would be getting married only after two or more years as I had my education to complete and that was unbearable, “Don’t worry, love. I’ll have you back next to me in no time,” he said resting his forehead on mine.

Hopefully, it was soon, I thought.




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