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Season 3


I closed my eyes praying, praying to save the person in front of me while ready to give up something of mine.

I felt temperature rise while I did it. My palms were on Sebastian’s chest and my eyes closed. I knew what I was doing now and felt my back lighten as time passed. When I opened my eyes, I saw the hole being covered on Sebastian’s chest.

After a minute, it looked all fine and I shook Sebastian slowly wondering if it worked.

“Sebastian?” I called but there was no reply and I felt my throat closing in. There was no movement from him. I had given up my wings but it did not work. I shook again with a little force with tears spilling over from my eyes.

“Stop drenching my limited edition t-shirt will you.”, he said with his usual naughty smile. “I am awake, but I still feel a little sore you know,” he said opening one of his eyes and I hugged him immediately.

“Sebastian!” Lizzy came running towards us and tackled him not going easy on his recovery. I later realized she was crying and Sebastian was patting her back.

“There there,” he said, “I’m alive Elizabeth.”

“I know,” I heard her muffled voice.

“I owe you one now,” he said to me with a smile. Lizzy got up wiping her eyes with her sleeve.

“You forgot you saved me once too,” I reminded him and he chuckled.

“How can I forget that I guess we are even then,” he said with his Cheshire like smile and I could not stop myself from smiling more but it was short lived.

“EVE!” Louis called to get my attention but he was looking somewhere else. I traced his line of sight and saw Ruka had Trent’s neck, ripping it. It was as if Ruka was in trance and I feared thinking if what Sebastian had told was happening now.

“Now Eve,” Sebastian instructed me and I nodded my head, going towards where Ruka stood to hold Trent. Trent was dead but that did not stop Ruka from inflicting more damage to the body. When Ruka felt my presence, he threw the body, turning to face me and looking at me with fierce eyes of his.

“Ruka,” I called out his name but felt him growl at me, “I don’t want you to lose yourself in any type of darkness. It will break and eat me alive if you go away. I love you,” I told him and this time I raised my hand waiting for him to hold it. And he did more than that.

He pulled my hand, making me stumble but he caught me. His arms went around my waist and holding me protectively. We stood there for few seconds just like that and not uttering a word. By the increasing silence, I realized that we had won against the others.

“I don’t know what that brother of mine told you but I’m glad he’s alive. I’m Ruka Wolfric, a vampire, and a werewolf, I’m sure I can tame the beast. I love you too, Eve Whitlock,” he said pulling back to look into my eyes. Tipping my chin up with his hand, “Always have, always will for eternity,” he said, leaning forward to capture my lips with his.

The kiss was a mixture of both gentle and rough one but sweet and passionate at the same time. His teeth nipping my lips and he brushed his lips on my neck. It was getting intense now but who cared.

“Ahem,” someone coughed and I knew who it was.

“I understand you love my sister and all but you can continue it later you know,” Eric said amused. I hid my face and Ruka laughed with the others.

“What about the others?” Derek asked Ruka waiting for his answer.

“For now take them to the dungeon. We’ll deal about it later,” he replied. After that, we all left the building. The building was burnt down with the corpses. I was exhausted. I fell asleep in the car on the way to the castle.

When I got up, I was in the bed, back in our room but Ruka was not there. I was still sleepy so I slept back again holding one of my pillows. I do not remember how long I slept but it was peaceful. I felt a soft feather like thing brush my face and then down my neck. It was tickling and I opened my eyes to be greeted by red and purple eyes.

“Good evening, love,” Ruka said bending down to kiss my forehead.

“How long did I sleep?” I asked him while stretching my hands.

“Five hours almost,” he replied helping me get up and placing me on his lap. I snuggled closer to his chest feeling his warmth and smiled to myself.

“Did everything settle down?” I asked him referring to the recent events.


“Yes,” he replied, “Dane was also part of the plan though his nephew Max is innocent and didn’t have an idea about it. The accused will be executed in two days,” he said and I hummed an answer.

“How’s Sebastian?” I asked him.

“He’s doing well, I wouldn’t be surprised if he came barging in to check on you now which I hope he doesn’t,” he said the last part murmuring and continued, “Now that everything is solved I think its time to officially announce about my mate,” he said and I felt nervous.

“Now?” I asked him.

“Not today love but soon. Why hide something so beautiful and pure like you. I don’t think there’s a need to turn you into a vampire anymore as you are an angel,” which was true. I didn’t have to convert to be a vampire to gain immortality. He then placed me on the bed and got up.

He moved one-step away and got down on one of his knees, my eyes wide knowing what was going to come next. He took one of my hands in his and spoke.

“I know it too soon but I couldn’t think of a better time than now. I didn’t think that I would have a mate like you so sweet, serene you were everything that I could think of and after what happened I don’t like the thought of losing you. I’ll protect you and keep you safe with me, give you everything you ask for,” he pulled out a ring from his pocket, “Will you marry me, Eve?” he asked me waiting for my reply.

“Yes!” I replied and jumped on him laughing, “I will marry you.” Pulling back he placed the ring on my ring finger that had a single colorless stone in it. It was elegant to see. Ruka pulled me in his embrace.

“We are going to have kids,” he whispered in my ear and kissed me.




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