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Season 3

Episode 1

Eve’s POV:

His one hand stayed around my waist while he lifted his other hand to raise my chin. His eyes held some sort of intensity, which was indescribable and was burning into mine. My heart was hammering in my chest with nervousness and anticipation.

I took the liberty to admire his perfectly chiseled features. His attractive eyes that had specs of violet and red in them. It was like each eye held different color dominant in them. His firm jaw and straight nose. Lastly his full lips.

“Eve…” Ruka spoke my name grabbing my attention completely and leaned in for a kiss. It was a toe-curling kiss, thank God for the floor beneath me that I was standing and Ruka’s arm around to keep me steady.

He pressed his lips on mine applying a light pressure. His hand that was angling my face went around my neck and tangled it in my hair. His tongue glided on my bottom lip and then bit it playfully. I let him inside my mouth, his tongue reaching mine and coaxing it patiently.

When he pulled away I tried to catch some air, my chest heaved due to the lack of oxygen. He gave me small kisses from my cheek till my ear and bit my earlobe making me yelp. I could feel him smiling as he continued kissing me.

He lifted me in his arms in one swift motion bridal style and put me in the center of the bed. He took off his shirt and sweats he was wearing as soon as he got next to me, leaving him in his boxers. I guess I have to take mine too when I went to pull out he stopped me with his hands.

“Let me..” he said and helped me with my shirt and shorts. I was embarrassed due to the exposure of my skin to a male,

He trailed kisses from my hand till my neck which did tickle a little. He kissed and bit into my neck to mark again but this time the bite did not hurt so much. I placed my hands on his shoulder feeling the flexing of muscles as he moves to kiss me and roamed my hands touching his abs.

His hands were around my waist and then pulled me to him as he kissed my lips deepening it. As we kissed, my back had touched the surface of the bed and he hovered over me. He brushed his knuckles on my cheek and had a tender look on his face.

“I’m going to make love to you and show you how precious you are to me tonight,” he said making my cheeks turn crimson at his words. It didn’t help that the music I had put an hour back was still playing in the background, which was Mozart.

He pecked my lips and then continued kissing the hollow of my neck, feeling him descend down as placed small loving kisses on the skin, which was on fire now. His expert hands unhooked my bra and he threw it somewhere. I m.o.a.ned at the feel of his mouth as it latched on to one of my buds and tug it softly with his teeth while one hand held my other b.r.e.a.s.t and giving it a small squeeze. I was beyond aroused.

He trailed kisses down my stomach and reached the hem of my last undergarment making my breathing hitch in my throat. I could actually feel my heart hammering in my head out loud. I guess he heard it as he came up to me.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of, love. You are beautiful, “he said taking hold of my hand and kissing my knuckles lovingly while he kept his eyes on me.

“Okay,” I said which barely a whisper was.

Hooking one of his fingers in, he pulled it down my legs and ankle, throwing it away. I saw his head dip down and kiss my inner thigh making small m.o.a.ns come out of my mouth. Then I felt his hot tongue on my core, kissing and licking it. I was a m.o.a.ning mess under his skillful hands and mouth. He prepared me patiently taking his time so that I could feel less pain later.

After some time, his boxer came off making me tense at how it would fit. I had heard how a girl’s first time hurts and was worried about it.

“I’ll be gentle,” he assured me aligning himself to my core. In a moment, he pushed himself within me making me scream with pain. Tears were falling from my eyes due to the pain and I gripped the sheets tightly closing my eyes. He did not move, making me get used to his body.

He whispered sweet nothings in my ear, which did soothe me. He kissed my lips again. Initially when he started to move it hurt but then the pain faded replacing it with pleasure. We called out each other’s name as the night passed. We had become one, body and soul. I was his as he was mine. After the intense lovemaking, exhaustion took over my body and I fell asleep in Ruka’s arms.

I woke up the next day to be held by Ruka’s strong arm tightly wound around me and our legs entangled with each other. Turning to see the time on the wall clock my eyes widened. It was past noon.

Ruka’s face was right in front of me, he looked calm and much younger compared to when he was awake. I was wearing Ruka’s shirt. I had no idea when he put it, maybe after I slept. On the other hand, he was only in his boxers.

I was no more a v.i.r.g.i.n. I am glad it was Ruka who took mine. I snuggled closer to him and feeling his warmth. I felt his arm tighten then.

“Good afternoon, sweet Eve. You are up,” he said in his husky voice.

It was afternoon! “Good afternoon,” I said and saw his eyelid open slowly revealing two different eye colors, “You have two eye colors,” I told him to which he closed his eyes.

“Now?” he asked me again opening his eyes. Now it was completely red.

“Wow,” I told amazed, “How did you do that?” I asked him.

“The intertwining of both my supernatural souls has given me different powers I believe,” he said keeping his chin on top of my head, “How do you feel?” he asked me with concern.

“A little sore, yet I’m not complaining about it” I replied to which he hummed an answer, “I’m hungry.”

He chuckled at it, “Come on let’s get you something,” he said and both of us got up. I felt a slight pain as I walked towards the bathroom.

One moment I was walking and the next I was carried, “Let me give you a bath,” he said not waiting for an answer and pulled the shirt up that I wore. Luckily, there was no making out in the bathroom.

We went down later Ruka next to me. It was past noon and everyone was seated in chairs for lunch. I missed Aiden, both Andria and he had gone to where Shane was. Wonder when they will be back.

“Morning to the lovebirds,” Sebastian greeted us grinning. It was mortifying to know that everyone knew what happened last night. Wait. Didn’t Ruka send him somewhere at night?

“You finished early,” Ruka, said pulling a chair for me to sit next to him and he took his seat.

“Well yes. I asked Leo to check through it too. It should be solved by now,” he replied and Ruka nodded to him.

I heard Lizzy talking to Amelia, “This was the sign you told us?” and I saw Amelia nod in reply with a smile.

After lunch, I did my homework that was incomplete. Time passed by real quick. Everything about last night would replay in my mind and I would smile like an idiot. Completing my homework, I closed the books and let out a sigh. Finally, it is over.

I walked around the garden in the evening plucking roses, which were of different colors. There were thousands of roses so I do not think taking twenty would be a problem. At home, mom would not let me pluck even a single rose, which was in the backyard.

I could see guards and workers working as I walked freely. Ruka was in a dungeon with Annesana and others. I was lost in thought when I felt a pair of hand around my waist.

“You will hurt yourself if you aren’t careful with the roses,” Ruka said kissing my neck, “What are you going to do with so many of them?” he asked casually.

“You are going to laugh if I tell you,” I told him biting my lip.

“I won’t. I promise,” he said sincerely.

“I wanted to try putting the petals in the bathtub and you know….” I trailed looking at his expression. He gave me a crooked smile.

“I could ask the maids to do it. You don’t have to go plucking roses,” he said looking at my hands full of roses.

“It’s more fun when you do it yourself,” I told him to which he nodded his head.

“That’s true,” he agreed, kissing me on my lips.

“Your Highness. I hope I’m not disturbing.”

I looked to my side to see a lean man with blonde hair combed behind neatly and wore a coat. He was a vampire and the air around him told that he was of an elite class.

“Not at all George,” Ruka replied coolly.

“I would like to see her,” George said making me wonder who he was talking about and then it dawned on me. He was The Viscount and Megan’s father.

“Sure, it’s in the dungeon now,” Ruka said and then looked at me, asking me silently if I wanted to come with them. I held him and saw a faint smile on his face. We walked towards the dungeons. It looked same which was lit by side lamps.

Finally, we entered the room. Megan’s body looked she was alive and sleeping. Except for the arm thing. Seeing George I could tell he lived up to his title. He looked calm and composed even after seeing his daughter’s body.

“Did you find out anything?” he asked after some time.

“It was triggered by a witch and emotions as well,” Annesana replied his question.

“Are you sure? Didn’t any of you notice any strange behavior during school?” he asked.

“She was missing during the school festival,” I told. We heard him let out a sigh.

“I’ll take her with me,” he said. Louis, Sebastian, and Lizzy helped in placing the body in a coffin and bringing it out.

“I have some information gathered about someone in the school,” he told Ruka after putting the coffin in the vehicle.

“What is it?” Ruka asked.

“My sources found that there’s a person in the campus who’s hiding his or her identity both name and aura, “he said looking straight, “Its a girl named Laura keeping a fake name. It’s suspicious.”

“I’ll have someone to check into it,” Ruka said politely. George then looked at me making me stiffen under his gaze.

“I know how my daughter’s and your relation have been. She was in love with Ruka since she first saw him. Love can blind people while others find it as a source of light,” he told me and then turned to Ruka.

“You didn’t mate her yet?” George asked him.

“We did,” Ruka replied holding my waist protectively.

“Doesn’t seem like it,” he said grabbing my attention.

“Take care, Ms. Whitlock. I’ll be taking my leave now,” he said leaving us behind.

“That went okay,” I heard Sebastian murmur.

“It did,” Ruka agreed.

Later we went inside, me carrying the roses I had plucked. I took the towel with me and got inside the bathroom, running hot water in the tub. I put some scented oils in it and then plucked out all the petals putting them in the tub.

I tied my hair up in a messy bun and stripped my clothes I got inside the tub. It felt awesome like I was in some spa now. I closed my eyes relaxing and relieving some stress out from my body. I do not remember how long I had stayed like that when I felt cool air blow on my face. I opened my eyes to see Ruka’s face close to me and screamed out of shock.


“Shh,” Ruka said placing his hand on my mouth, “Sorry to startle you like that love.” He was in the tub just like me without clothes.

“When did you come?” I asked him.

“A few minutes back. I thought you drowned in the tub as you didn’t come out,” he smiled at me.

“Oh okay,” I told him. He pulled me towards him. His back resting on the edge of the tub and my back resting on his chest. He intertwined our fingers.



“Why did George tell that we didn’t mate yet? I thought supernatural’s get to know if a person is mated or not,” I said to him. He kept silent for few seconds and then answered.

“That’s because there is no difference in your blood. It still smells like a v.i.r.g.i.n’s blood,” he replied to which my mouth hung open. I thought I was not supposed to smell edible anymore.

“What are we going to do?” I asked him worried about turning around to face him.

“It’s very simple,” was his reply and I saw his lips tug into a mischievous smile, “We continue where we left last night for a round two.” Before I could process his words I felt his lips on mine kissing me.




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