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Season 2 

Final Episode 

After a warm shower, I got out. Ruka was sitting on the bed and reading a book. He was wearing a shirt now.

I crawled on the bed and sat next to him. He closed the book and pulled me on his lap. I loved how he paid attention to me considering every single detail. He nuzzled his head in the crook of my neck and kissed the mark.

“I missed you,” he said making me giggle.

“You saw me in the morning,” I pointed out. My hands had wrapped around his torso.

“Even a minute feels like an eternity without you around,” he said making me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

“I feel the same,” I said and he pulled back to brush his hand on my cheek. Taking control, I leaned in and placed my lips on his. He did not waste a second and kissed me back lovingly. We pulled back to get some air.

“I wanted to ask you something,” I told him.


“Are Amelia and Ray human?”I asked him.

“Ray is a vampire but Amelia no,” he replied placing his chin on my shoulder.

“But then how did Amelia fight Megan? Did Ray fight?” I was curious.

“No. Amelia is a gifted human,” he said, “She’s an angel.”

“Angel?” I asked him wide-eyed.

“Yes. Out of the whole lot of humans, she is the only gifted one to be an angel. An angel is not born but forms by the character a person possesses and the purity of heart. To a vampire Angel’s blood is like heaven,” he explained it to me.

“Does she have wings?” I asked excited by the thought of it. He chuckled at my reaction.

“Yes, sweet Eve she has wings. Now enough of her, I want to know how you spent your day,” he said kissing the tip of my nose. I told him what I did before going to the dungeon and he listened to me.

I spent my time later with Amelia and Lizzy. I found out Amelia was fifty years old but being an Angel her body had stopped aging. She was a sweet person to hangout with. Ruka and the rest were in the dungeons with Annesana.

Amelia and Lizzy were well acquainted with each other. I got to hear what happened exactly yesterday. Both Amelia and Ray had just reached the castle when Megan attacked them out of nowhere. Megan had gone to rip Ray’s throat and out of defense, she had cut Megan’s hand off.

The school festival was two days back and I remember she was missing that day. I feel someone got to her because I knew she would not miss the play just like that.

I missed Ruka’s presence. Though physically I was present, mentally I was absent, lost in thoughts of my mate. My mate. My Ruka. It felt so wonderful to even think about it.

I was happy that Ruka never pushed me into doing things, like the mating. He was patient and I loved him for it. What if he got tired of waiting? I had heard girls talking about their own boyfriends. But this was Ruka. How did he feel about it?


“Huh,” I snapped out of my thoughts.

“What are you day dreaming about?” Lizzy asked.

“Nothing much,” I grinned.

“I see a sign,” Amelia said.

“What?” both Lizzy and I asked simultaneously.

“Nothing,” she shook her head and smiled at me, making me narrow my eyes. Why do I feel it has something to do with me?

After dinner, Ruka and I decided to watch a movie. We were watching the movie Safe Haven now in our room. My back was resting on Ruka’s chest. I could feel his minty cool breath was blowing on my neck. At a particular scene where the hero kisses the girl for the first time got butterflies in my stomach. The movie was really romantic but I felt edgy after the movie finished. I put Mozart after that.

Ruka’s cell phone rang later and he received it.

“No not yet,” he replied through the phone, “Yes…when was that?…. no, I didn’t hear about it…Now?…Alright, I’ll leave now,” what? going? Unintentionally I tugged his shirt making him look at me. I didn’t want him to go.

“Hold on, I’ll call you back,” he said and cut the call, “What is it, Eve?” he asked me worried.

“I don’t want you to go,” I mumbled, he stared at me for few seconds and then dialed a number on his phone.

“Hello…yes…I’ll send Sebastian for now and be there tomorrow… yes…goodnight,” he put the cell on the table. It was hard to know what was going on in his head. He was hard to read.

“I’ll go speak to Sebastian,” he said leaving me alone. I brushed my teeth and got back on the bed. I was glad he was staying, I was so used to him being around now that a little separation from him would cause an unknown ache in my heart. I was fluffing the blanket when I felt a pair of hands go around my waist from behind.

“Why is that you didn’t want me to go?” he asked, “Do you know what you signed up for, love?” he asked me his lips near my ears and I shivered at the feeling. I’m sure he could hear my heart thumping.

“Yes,” I whispered. I knew what he was talking about. He turned me around and I gasped looking at his eyes. They were a mixture of red and purple.

“Your eyes are a mix of red and purple,” I told him a little shocked. He pulled me by my waist towards him.

“My wolf and vampire are combining to form into one being,” he said resting his forehead on mine, “Are you sure? because I won’t stop like last time, ” he informed me. I nodded my head not trusting my voice.

“Good,” he said pulling me impossibly closer if that was even possible, “I don’t think I could restrain myself anymore.”

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