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Season 2

Episode 18

Eve’s POV:

“All of you will be given tasks. This time we have planned to include a scary mansion and the costume day together,” Ms. Vanessa said us, “Your names will be put up in the bulletin board by afternoon.”

Apparently, we were having a school festival, which was going to take place at the end of this week. Once my classes were over, I headed toward the lunchroom.

“I want to get the part! I’m so ready for it,” I heard Bella excited.

“You will get it,” Kyle said, who was sitting on the table.”Did you hear about the school festival?” he asked me.

“Yeah,” I replied, “There’s going to play?” I asked.

“Not only play but dancing, singing, instrumental competition and many more,” Lizzy piped in.

“Oh that’s nice,” I told her, “I heard something about scary mansion and costume thing.”

“Scary mansion is the only good thing,” Louis said with a crooked smile.

“So true,” Ashton and Kyle agreed.

“No, it’s not!” Bella exclaimed.

“I was looking forward to it,” I said.

“It’s not for humans, Eve,” Lizzy said grimly, “Its designed mainly for the supernaturals. Half the population who attend this school is half breed and rest are humans and the pureblood.”

“Usually schools would have a scary house were people inside enact like they are the ghosts but here nobody needs to act because the things inside it are actually haunted.”

“Really?” I asked wide-eyed, it piqued my interest.

“Yes, and don’t even think of going,” Louis said, “Because no human returns in one piece after going inside.” I made an oh with my mouth. They told me last time they had a zombie who almost ate Bella’s arm. Weren’t vampire’s and werewolves the strongest and scariest?

“So have you planned on what to take part in?” Lizzy asked me.

“Not yet,” I replied to her.

“You could try for the play you know, it’ll be fun,” Bella said excited at the idea, “The auditions are this afternoon.”

“I’m not sure about my acting skills,” I told her wearily.

“Just give it a shot,” Kyle said getting down from the table, “Lizzy and I are doing a duet dance, while Ashton and Derek are helping with the setup, and Bella is going for the play. Louis and you are the only ones who hasn’t picked yet.”

The bell rang and Kyle went to the next class with Ashton.

“It’s funny how Louis skips the school festival every time but this time he can’t, as a protector he’ll pick whatever you pick for the festival to protect you,” Lizzy snickered getting a glare from Louis.

“I’m sorry,” I apologized feeling guilty.

“That’s alright,” was his reply, “I think you have to try for the play.”

“Ah okay.” We went to the auditorium where the auditions were taking place. There were many students. I caught sight of Megan who was talking to few girls.

The play was about a girl falling in love with a demon, but the demon shows nothing but wrath and arrogance. By the time he realizes he’s in love with the girl, she is dead. Why does a play always have to end up with tragic scenes I wonder.

Bella wanted to play lead and so did other girls who were here. What was I going to play? Yes, the lead heroines sister. That had the smallest role and looked easy to act. The audition had started and everyone was good who had performed. It was a tough competition. In the meantime, there were few girls swarming around Louis.

“Miss Whitlock,” the teacher called my name making me gulp. I went on the stage and said the lines. My palms felt sweaty by the end of my acting and I got down. When I passed through a few students, I heard them speak.

“She’s horrible.”

“I know, why even try here.”

“Did you hear that?” It was Megan, “You are terrible with your acting skills. What did you even think coming here?”

“She gave her best shot. There’s nothing to talk about it,” Louis said coming up to us, Megan laughed.

“How many people did you sleep with to get your bidding done? First Ruka, now Louis. Who’s next?” she sneered at me.

“Mind your tongue Megan,” Louis growled at her. We had attracted a crowd around us by now.

“Is there a problem?” the teacher asked sternly.

“Not at all,” Megan replied and then turned around walking in opposite direction. My eyes were stinging. No one had ever spoken to me like that.

“Eve? Are you alright? ” Louis asked worried, I nodded my head yes to which he sighed.”Let’s go from here,” he said pulling my hand and walking out.

We were sitting on the roof now and I was holding a fruit drink in my hand sitting next to Louis.

“Don’t worry about what she said,” he spoke after sometime, “She’s jealous of the attention Ruka gives you. She’s been trying hard to gain Ruka’s love ever since she met him so don’t think hard on it.”

“Hmm.” He took out his cell and typed something.

“Bella didn’t get the lead but she’s playing the enemy’s wife. Megan got the lead. You want to do something fun?” he asked looking at me.

“Fun?” I asked him.

“Come on,” he said getting up, “Really I wonder sometimes how fate paired you guys. Opposites attract and are made for each other I guess.” I smiled hearing this. I got up and dusted my back with my hands. Louis and I went to the lockers. He took a bottle out of his locker and closed it.

“What’s that?” I asked curiously as we headed towards the auditorium.

“You’ll see,” he said as we got inside.

I saw him go to Bella who was holding a book. Louis told her something, which made her scrunch her eyebrows at first but then I saw a wicked grin break on her face. I had no idea what was going on. She looked my way and waved calling me near the stage. I went to her and she pulled me where Megan was standing few feet away.

“Congratulations on getting the part in the play,” I wished her and she smiled at me.

“Thank you, Eve.” I saw Louis come to us.

“Eve, Ruka told to give you this,” Louis said holding a white kerchief. I raised my eyebrows in question. At the mention of Ruka’s name, Megan’s head snapped to us and before I could take the kerchief from him, she snatched it.

“This is for me,” she said sniffing the kerchief, “Not for her. He’s such a sweetheart.” She rubbed the cloth dramatically on her face.

“Oh my bad,” Louis replied her giving her a sweet smile, which actually looked scary.

“Let’s start working on the lines everyone,” the teacher called the students. Louis jerked his head towards the empty seat and I followed him.

“What was that about?” I asked him as we sat.

“You’ll see in few seconds,” was his reply again. Bella looked gracious while she enacted her role. After some time a roar of laughter erupted. I saw Megan fuming while her whole appearance turned hairy. I couldn’t stop laughing myself. She screamed and dashed out from the auditorium.

“That was epic,” I told Louis clutching my stomach.

“Good to hear,” he grinned at me, “She’ll think a million times before she utters a word”. He looked different when he smiled unlike when he used to stay silent and cold.

“You should smile often,” I told him.

The rumors spread fast like wild fire about Megan’s appearance. She was nowhere in sight to be seen. I heard some things about myself as I passed the corridor. It was about what Megan had told about me sleeping with other people. It was horrible.

The day had finally come for the school festival. The school was decorated with lights and banners. Students were found everywhere.

“I’m not comfortable with this,” I complained pulling my costume.

“Oh shush it,” Lizzy said, “You look cute,” she patted my head. I was wearing a lamb costume, it was brown and white in color. She was wearing a white gown with actual blood smeared on it. Bella wore a gown which was part of the play. She looked worried.

Ironic how I was a lamb. The one thing the wolf eats. Lizzy had to buy me this costume, I thought dryly.

I saw other students wearing different attires. It was like a Halloween party in school. At least there were few other animals other than me. I sighed a relief.

“You look tense,” I pointed out.

“Megan told she can’t make it to the play,” Bella said, “They are finding a quick replacement.”

“Maybe her hairy features haven’t gone yet,” I said smiling and both the girls laughed at it.

“That might be it,” Bella said wiping her fake tears, “The play starts at 12, so be there in the auditorium,” she informed us.

“Yup will be there,” Lizzy replied.

“I need to go and check out the food store I was assigned to. I’ll see you guys later,” I told them and left. While going I bumped into someone.

“I’m sorry,” I apologized to the person I bumped.

“No problem,” it was a guy with grey eyes, he smiled at me, “You’re a goat.” I looked at him up and down deciding what he was, blunt ears and an arrowed tail.


“That’s right,” he replied, “My names Kallum.”

“Eve,” I told. My cell began ringing and I saw it was from one of the girls who I was partnered with the food store, “I’m in a hurry need to go,” I told him.

“See you around,” I heard him say as I walked away. When I went to the classroom where the event was held I saw students around the counter. Good that it was working. We worked for two hours before closing.

“Don’t you look adorable.” It was Ruka.

“So do you,” I replied giving him a hug. He had wolf ears on top of his head but was in a buttoned-up shirt and jeans. I went to touch his ears and felt it twitch.

“It’s not fake!” I told him wide-eyed and he chuckled at my reaction.

“I can morph however I wish to as I’m a wolf now,” he whispered in my ear and I touched his ears again. It was so soft and I scratched it making him lean towards me.

“That’s so cool,” I told him with awe.

“Do you know what happens when a wolf sees a lamb?” Ruka asked me and I could see mischief in his eyes, “The wolf eats the lamb,” he said giving me a kiss.

“Come on let’s go see the gallery,” he said pulling me.

“There’s Bella’s play to watch too and the duet of Lizzy,” I informed him.

“We’ll be there in time,” he told me.

The gallery had different ancient paintings and art exhibited on the walls. One particular painting caught my attention. It was a man with wings. It could be mistaken as an angel but getting closer you could see fangs.

“Its called the franchixer,” Ruka told standing next to me.

“Is it real?” I asked him. Did supernatural have wings?

“Hmm, I’m not sure about that. Its told that the person who experienced has a special lineage with the strongest blood attains franchixer. Though no one has ever attained that form in history,” he explained as we moved ahead.

“Oh okay.”

After the gallery, we went to check out the dance. Both Lizzy and Kyle looked mesmerizing with their movements. Later we checked out the play. Looked like Megan didn’t come and she was replaced by another girl. We cheered and clapped at the end of the play.

The scary mansion wasn’t so scary as I had Ruka next to me and I knew he wouldn’t let anything happen to me. The place was dark with cobwebs and endless stairs, zombies popping in and out of nowhere. At night we had fireworks and the festival finally ended with a great success.

The following morning after having breakfast, I walked around the castle. The guys were out on some work while Andria and Aiden had gone to meet Shane. Lizzy told she will be going out for an hour and would be back for lunch.

Walking on the grounds, I saw a door at the back of the castle. Turning the knob, I opened it and walked inside. The insides were made of stones. Small lamps were lit around the walls as I walked through the corridor. I found a door and opened it.

I felt like throwing up looking at the scene in front of me. My hands were covering my mouth. A girl’s body was on the ceiling. One arm was missing and blood splattered all over. I could not make out who it was as her hair was covering her face.

With my hands trembling, I moved her hair and gasped. It was Megan and she was dead. Not able to stay a second more due to the stench I got out of the place. Why was she in this state? Did someone from the family cause this? So many questions were running through my head.

Third POV:

There was a figure sitting in a room-filling few papers when he heard the door knock twice and open.

“You are early,” he said without looking up.

“I had nothing to do,” the man replied and continued, “I met her.”

“And?” he asked looking up.

“She smells mouth watering like you said,” the man said with a sly smile, “When do you want me to kill her?”

“I have a change of plans,” he told the man in front of him. The person raised his eyebrows in question, “I’ll make her mine. There would be nothing more left once I mate with her, and Ruka will crumble eventually,” he laughed at the thought of king breaking down.

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