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Season 1

Episode 58

(Chosing a martial arts skill for free)

Austin clearly knew that there was no one in this Prime Martial World that he could rely on. If he wanted to become somebody, the only way was to refine himself and win matches.

So the moment he found a formula or martial art skills that could enhance his skills, he had no plan to let it go.

After recalling the steps needed to practice the Golden Sun Scripture, he sat on his feet and focused his mind on one point and started practicing.

Once the formula was started, Austin felt his body seemed to become heavier as if he had been a part of nature and could get everything about nature.

In a matter of time, traces of vital energy started to appear in the air.

As Austin went on with his practice, the vital energy inside his body ran in accordance with some profound rules of the nature around him.

Gradually, the vital energy, led by some great strength, started to rotate around Austin's body.

Then a small vital energy cyclone formed and concentrated towards Austin's body.
At that moment, Austin's body became like a bottomless hole absorbing all the vital energy into it.

When Austin indulged himself in practicing the Golden Sun Scripture, the vital energy around his hut seemed to be at home and flooded over it.

The dry straw shook in the middle of the vital energy cyclone.

Austin did not notice anything about it and kept on practicing the Golden Sun Scripture. Everything seemed to become energetic.

He even felt like the sun himself gleaming in the sky. The spirit of the sun seemed to have made both his mind and body pure and warm.

A great amount of vital energy flowed in a special path before it entered Austin's elixir field.

Suddenly, a tiny shiny golden dot occurred at the center of his elixir field. As soon as the dot appeared, it absorbed all the vital energy into Austin's elixir field. The more vital energy it absorbed, the brighter it grew.

After a while, the light dot had fully absorbed all vital energy.

Austin slightly quivered and woke up from the cultivating situation.

There was a feeling of comfort that he had never felt before, and when he clenched his fists, powerful energy flew inside his body.

It was such a great achievement for a high-level cultivation method on his first practice.

Austin was now at level four of the Energy Gathering Realm. However, the total amount of the vital energy his body absorbed was not only larger than his current body capacity, but also larger than he could absorbed when he was at level nine of the Energy Gather Realm before his coma.

From his point of view, the Golden Sun Scripture was extraordinary.

'I am really lucky to have obtained the Golden Sun Scripture!

With this scripture, I am sure to achieve more. I can even go further on my quest of martial arts, ' Austin told himself happily.

The next day, Austin got up early and directly went to the Merit Hall.

Austin needed his identity Jade Badge, but it was being kept by the mountain keeper.

Without the Jade Badge, he would have great challenges in his daily activities inside the sect.

So, he needed to go to the Merit Hall to see if it was already sent back.

By the time he got there, he found hundreds of outer disciples gathering at the Merit Hall and it was very noisy.

"Oh, hey Tin! There you are!"

Austin suddenly heard a voice calling him. When he turned, he saw a disciple walked out of the crowd with a huge cloth bag in his hand.

"Hey! It's you, Herbert!" Austin replied. Austin immediately recognized the disciple.

He was rescued by Austin from demon dogs chasing him. Herbert was also the one who told him about the earth spirit fruits.

"Why are there so many disciples today?" Austin asked Herbert.

"All the outer disciples who were coming back from the Beast Mountain are informed to come here to take their Jade Badges back. You know, right?"

"What?" Austin was puzzled. He didn't know what Herbert was talking about. He just came here by himself to get his badge.

He thought about it hard and seemed to recall what the fuzz was all about.

The people who went to the Beast Mountain were mostly outer disciples.

However, he was still a grunt disciple when he went there. So technically, he could not possibly be informed about it.
At that time, the other disciples had noticed Austin and talked about him as if he wasn't there.

"Look! Isn't he the disciple that Marvin put a bounty on? I believe he offered a reward of five hundred vital energy crystals for him." one disciple said.

"Yes, he did. Now that you mentioned it, it is absolutely him!" another disciple replied.

"Was he crazy? How dare he offend Marvin who is a fifth-ranked outer disciple!" another one said.

"I cannot imagine he is worth five hundred vital energy crystals!"

All the outer disciples stared at Austin conspicuously and continued to talk about him.

Austin had become famous with the outer disciples because of the reward on his head. Most of the outer disciples in the Beast Mountain spent their time looking for Austin but couldn't find him.

And now that he had appeared, he drew so much attention to himself.

At the sight of Austin, two of them whispered to each other and soon left the Merit Hall discreetly.

Austin was confused and asked Herbert what was going on.

Herbert told him that Marvin had offered all the disciples in the Beast Mountain a reward of five hundred vital energy crystals to look for him.

So Austin finally understood why all the outer disciples were suddenly interested in him.

But he kept his calm despite all the fuzz and the eyes looking at him.

He knew that Marvin wouldn't let him be that easy and would eventually find him himself.

Austin was waiting for that moment.

He scanned the crowd and suddenly frowned upon seeing someone.

It was a girl in red glaring at him with hatred. The girl's name was Lara Tang.

She was warmly loved in her family and was used to be flattered by everyone especially when she became a disciple in Sun Sect. She was used to being at the center of attention and it was only natural for everyone to respect her and be nice to her.

But the last time she was in the Beast Mountain, she received the greatest humiliation of her life. Austin slapped her in public.

Now seeing Austin again, she did not hide her hatred towards him.

Austin just slyly smiled and ignored her. It was such a petty issue not worthy of his time.

He scanned the rest of the crowd again and was curious that he didn't find Marvin anywhere.

He expected that Marvin would be there to look for him since he eagerly wanted to get the earth spirit fruit.

"Tin, you must have gained a lot back in the Beast Mountain, right? I was told that only the three disciples who have the greatest contribution credits during the trial can enter the Sacred Scriptures Library and choose one martial art skill for free."

Herbert whispered to Austin. It diverted his attention from Marvin for a while. 'Choose a martial art skill for free?'

Austin suddenly got interested in this. If an outer disciple wanted to enter the Sacred Scriptures Library, he needed to spend a great amount of contribution credits.

Those who didn't have enough contribution credits could not learn the martial art skill of the Sun Sect.

All the skills Austin was practicing, including Fish Swimming Pace, Cloud Swordsmanship and Roaring Tiger Fist, had cost him a lot of contribution credits.

The thought of getting one martial art skill for free had thrilled Austin.

But he was not sure what rank he could get with his current performance. Nonetheless, he was still confident that he could make it to the top three.

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