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 Season 1

Episode 63

(Grand pagoda summoning skills(1)

As soon as the golden roc appeared, it rushed directly towards the huge black spectral claw.    


The sound was deafening. To everyone's shock, the black spectral claw slammed against the golden roc. The visible vital energy from the impact wave spread layer upon layer, starting from where the two rammed into each other.    

 With a bang, the black spectral claw split into thousands of black dots that scattered all over the sky before it disappeared.     

After circling the air several times, the golden roc likewise dimmed and vanished.   

It was apparent the golden roc had the upper hand in that match.     

All the outer disciples who witnessed the battle between two powerful men from the Earth Realm for the first time became very excited.   

  The exhilaration was because these disciples only mastered low-level martial skills. During ordinary battles, they either used a knife or sword or fists and legs when fighting hand-to-hand at close quarters.     

The high-level battle of a strong sound and light effect with the vital energy avatars and detachments knocking each other over long distance shocked them so much.     


His eyes fierce and his face long, Johnson whipped around to see and called.    

 "Steward Zhu!"

Extreme joy was written all over Austin's face.     

The man he called Murray was a steward in charge of recruiting disciples for Sun Sect. When Austin was homeless and wandered around, Murray discovered his martial talent and brought him back to Sun Sect.    

 It was also this man who insisted on keeping Austin even when the leaders of the sect planned to kick him out after he was framed and became a fool.    

 Without Murray's intervention, Austin would no longer be in Sun Sect.    

 In Austin's eyes, he considered Murray his master and father.     

As soon as Murray forced Johnson's spectral claw back, he carefully examined Austin from head to toe.    

 He noted the young man behaved normally, and had spirit in his eyes.   

"Hehe, nice. You actually came to your senses.    

 I see that you've reached level six of the Energy Gathering Realm," he said.     

This relieved him tremendously.    

 "Thank you for your concern, Steward Zhu. Since I came to my senses, I wanted to share the news with you, but I always heard you were out doing something."    

Finally finding his mentor gave Austin a very warm feeling, like discovering a relative.    

 "Hmmm, that's right. I was out for a period of time and just returned. I heard you had recovered, so I wanted to see you."    

Murray smiled at him, when he heard Johnson speak.    

 "Wow, what a warm reunion between father and son," Johnson scoffed.   

"Ah, but Murray, don't interfere with my business. I am killing the black sheep for Sun Sect!"    

His tone was dripping with sarcasm.   

  The two men didn't have a good relationship. Murray and Johnson not only disliked each other, but they also didn't get along.    

 "Kill the black sheep?" Murray stared at Johnson coldly.     

He knew the man was sinister, cunning, and ruthless and would do everything to win.     

At the same time, he was aware of Austin, who wouldn't do anything to betray Sun Sect.    

 "What happened?"    

With an inquiry in his eyes, Murray looked at Austin.     

"Haha! The uncle and nephew echoed each other and want to grab the earth spirit fruits I carry with me."  

The remark had Austin look at Johnson and Marvin with hatred.     

"Steward Zhu, Marvin killed three disciples in order to hog the earth spirit fruits himself while on Beast Mountain," Austin started to explain.     

"Later, I got the earth spirit fruits by chance. The uncle and nephew wanted to frame me up then grab the fruits." The young disciple was trying his best to tell Murray what happened.    

 "Huh, Austin? I never believed you'd still have a ready tongue before dying. Do you think you can deny what I've seen?" It pissed Marvin that Murray suddenly appeared.    

 "How dare you call white black! It's you who threw friendship away in exchange for profit and killed fellow workers.   

How dare you defend this treacherous disciple who broke the rules, Murray!"    

"Steward Su, it's you who has been putting on an act.     

Austin called white black, but your nephew told the truth?     

So true and false can only be judged by your mouth?"    

It was difficult for Murray to refrain from delivering cutting remarks.     

"Murray, are you going to involve yourself in today's business?"    

An angry Johnson spat out the question.     
He glared at Murray, evil intent in his eyes very evident.   

  "Right. I assure you I will mind this business."    

There was no way Murray was giving in.

   It was several minutes before Johnson stated coldly," Alright. I will always remember what happened today."  

  It was eyes filled with anger that went with a straight face. Johnson was aware that he couldn't do anything to Austin as long as Murray was there.     

As a steward in charge of recruiting disciples, Murray enjoyed prestige at Sun Sect and even possessed the strength of a level higher than his.  

   "Boy, I hope you live longer!"  

  Flapping his sleeve, Johnson turned to leave, his eyes full of threats to get even.    

 "Austin, I am not letting you get away with this!" Marvin declared.     

Although reluctant to leave, Marvin was aware of the situation and knew he had to leave with Johnson.     

"Steward Su, thank you for your kindness. I will live longer than you." 

At these words from Marvin, Austin howled at them even with the two men's backs turned.    

 The howl had Johnson snort, but he said nothing. In an instant, he and Marvin had disappeared from everyone's sight.   

  "Alright, Austin, watch out for these two men in the future. Both are cunning. I have something important to take care of for the sect.     

Remember, don't be lazy! Your desire to advance should be as strong as before."    
After momentarily mentoring Austin, Murray went on his way.     

Before leaving, however, he handed Austin two pills to repair his wounds and ordered the young cultivator to take them.     

To comply, Austin swallowed the pills to start the healing of his wounds. Without a doubt, the tablets were valuable.   

In the Sacred Scriptures Library of Sun Sect...    

 The Sacred Scriptures Library was one of the significant areas in Sun Sect. It was here where books about essential martial skills were stored. These were handed down from generation to generation since the founding of Sun Sect hundreds of years ago. It was meant to provide disciples of later generations with a guide to cultivate and master the skills and enable Sun Sect to continue being prosperous.     

Generally, a sect's strength and culture were judged based on the quantity and quality of its martial skills.   

The library had two floors. The first floor housed books on grades one and two martial shills.

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