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 Season 1

Episode 61

(Tin, are you the legendary austin)

At Sun Sect, there was a legend about the top outer disciple from the last term. It was said that he was a common disciple—a homeless orphan without any background.    

 The legend shared how he stood head and shoulders above the rest within two or three years of joining the sect. What had surprised everyone was that he had made such tremendous improvement based on his efforts. In this time, he had become the most eye-catching outer disciple with lots of glory and excellence.     

However, after his accident, there had been no further news about Austin.    

 Most outer disciples didn't know where he went. Some disciples said that he had left Sun Sect. Others claimed that he had died.   

Most disciples had never met this legendary disciple. They only knew that his name was Austin Lin.     

Was this person Austin Lin?     

All the outer disciples stared at Austin. They found it hard to believe that this youth with an ordinary and calm appearance was the famous Austin they had heard about.     

They couldn't see how this person was the renowned topmost outer disciple who was outstanding and matchless. 

    Many disciples had been encouraged and influenced by Austin Lin's legend.  

   In the past two or three years, many outer disciples from ordinary families tried to follow Austin's example secretly.     
They swore that someday they would be just like Austin and that they would earn the same level of respect as Austin had.    
 "Tin... Are you... Are you that legendary Austin Lin?"  

Herbert stared blankly at his friend and said doubtfully.     

He even studied Austin up and down, and left and right.     

"I told you long ago that my name is Austin Lin." 

 Austin replied.    

 "No, Tin. I don't ask for your full name. I'm asking if you are that legendary Austin Lin!"    

"What? This? That? Stay away from me. Don't bother me!"    

Austin said impatiently.   

  "Austin Lin! You are greedy enough to kill your work fellows for your interest. Do you admit your guilt?"    

Suddenly, Steward Johnson Su, who had been glaring at Austin coldly all this while shouted. Simultaneously, his strong aura appeared from his body and rushed toward Austin.   

Austin felt as if a mountain was pressing him down. It became difficult for him to breathe. He hurriedly summoned his vital energy to cope with this aura.    

 "Steward Su, why did you say that? Are you trying to frame me?"   

 Austin finally realized that Johnson had come to support Marvin, and so he didn't show respect.     

"Huh. You are going to die for your actions and behavior. And yet you feel you can speak disrespectfully? When you were on Beast Mountain, you forgot all moral principles at the sight of profits. 

You wanted to grab the panacea from Ralf and others, so you killed the three disciples. Marvin witnessed your crime. Do you admit your guilt?"    

"Uncle, why did you speak with him so much? Just kill him and then make a plan."  

Marvin was eager to tear Austin's skin and bones.     

Uncle? No wonder!     

Austin was suddenly enlightened. Marvin was Johnson's nephew. As Marvin's uncle, Johnson had come to help him. 

    And it was not Marvin but Johnson who was prepared to kill him today.    

 It appeared that Marvin was determined to get the earth spirit fruit. To do so, he asked for the help of his uncle, who was a steward at the sect.     

"Haha, I see."    

Austin laughed although he was enraged.     

"The uncle and nephew join hands because of the earth spirit fruit that I carry.    

 It was your nephew, Marvin, who killed Ralf and other two disciples on Beast Mountain. What are you trying to do here? Are you collaborating with your nephew to make me the scapegoat?"  

Austin showed no mercy when he replied to the accusations.     

"You are obnoxious. How dare you speak to me in this way? You killed your work fellows and showed no respect to superiors! All right. Since you are determined to break all the rules, I will rid Sun Sect of you today!"    

When Johnson roared, the terrifying black vital energy emerging from his body became like a flood. In the same instant, heavy clouds, fog, and evil wind rolled in.     

The black vital energy around Johnson became stronger and grabbed all the broken branches and leaves, rank grass, dust, and even the stones on the ground. Soon, all the debris rose and formed a black flood dragon that danced mid-air. 

  Then a huge black spectral claw formed in front of him. The spectral claw was covered with the dark fog, and the sound of wailing ghosts could be heard from time to time.  

   The Spectral Claw was Johnson's unique skill, and it had made him famous.    

 As soon as the huge spectral claw appeared, all the outer disciples around were frightened. The spectral claw was so terrifying that they thought their souls were trembling.     

All the disciples thought, 'Is this the strength of a powerful man of the Earth Realm?'    

Everybody glanced at Austin with a pitiful expression. He had irritated a cultivator of the Earth Realm.     

He was going to be torn to pieces by this dreadful spectral claw.    

 Austin also became cautious when he felt the frightening breath from the spectral claw.   

He didn't have the confidence to resist this horrible blow.   

  But under the circumstance, Austin knew that he didn't have a way of escape and that neither the uncle nor nephew would let him go.    

 "Swoosh," the sound of Austin unsheathing the long sword filled the silence. And then, he tilted it to point at Johnson. Austin's vital energy quickly spread on the sword blade.   

  Although his opponent was a steward at Sun Sect, Austin would not surrender without a fight.    

 Austin had mastered only a few martial skills. Besides the grade one martial skills hardly worth mentioning, he had learned grade two skills such as Cloud Swordsmanship, Fish Swimming Pace, and Wind-commanding Skill of grade five, as well as Spiritual Sense Flying Needle for which he didn't know the grade.   

What was more, three years ago, on the eve of his attack, he had used all his savings for a grade three martial skill, Tiger Roaring Fist.     

Unfortunately, Austin hadn't gotten the opportunity to practice it.    

 Rumor had it that a lot of vital energy was needed to support the Tiger Roaring Fist. No disciple could cultivate it before reaching level eight of the Energy Gathering Realm.     

Once Austin recovered from the attack, he didn't try to cultivate it.     

In the days after his recovery, the martial skills that Austin had practiced most dedicatedly were Cloud Swordsmanship, Wind-commanding Skill, a bodily movement skill, and the Spiritual Sense Flying Needle which was suitable as a stealth attack.    

 "Huh, you are biting off more than you can chew."  

As soon as Johnson stopped speaking, the dark spectral claw in front of him expanded quickly and tried to grab Austin.     

The claw was tangled with violent black vital energy. As it rushed toward Austin, it rubbed the air rapidly and made a squeaking sound.     

When the black spectral claw reached the air above Austin, its size doubled.     Under the fierce vital energy, Austin's clothes were torn to pieces and turned into flying butterflies.    

 In a second, Austin's clothing was like a fish net with thousands of holes, and his fair-skinned muscles were exposed.  

   Looking at the black spectral claw above his head, Austin    took a deep breath and poured all the vital energy in his body into the long sword.   

"It's time to die."  

  As Johnson howled, the spectral claw roared and rushed toward Austin.    

 Austin also roared and swung the long sword in his hand. It struck the part of the black spectral claw with the weakest vital energy.     

Johnson was terrified when he saw that Austin had instantly found the part of the Spectral Claw with the weakest vital energy.     

Suddenly, Johnson felt a severe inexplicable pain in his mind. His focus wavered and the spectral claw's momentum became weaker.    

 Everyone present thought that Austin would surely die from the steward's attack.

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