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Season 1

Episode 80

(Get successfully promoted(1)

After a series of challenges, Austin finally showed up at the Martial Arts Performing Field.

As soon as he arrived, Evan ran up to him to find out more information.

He finally reached Austin and paused first to regain his breath. "Tin, you finally came out from the Dummy Training Field. How was your harvest there?"

"Well, not bad," Austin said. "But why did the examination suddenly come to an end?" he asked doubtfully.

He also felt quite disappointed as he was still hoping to harvest more, after his successful reap at the Dummy Training Field.

However, he abruptly and unexpectedly received the notice which stated that the examination had ended, and that he should withdraw from the field immediately.

Evan rubbed his sweaty forehead before he answered. "It was said that the stewards are afraid that there won't be enough time, so they had to end it in advance," he said.

After Evan spoke, Austin suddenly realized something.

"Evan, there may be another session of the examination. Try your best at the session," he said earnestly. "If you pass the examination this time, I'll treat you to a good meal at the Lotus Tavern in Peace Town."

Austin knew that he would surely be promoted, but he was a little worried about Evan.

"The Lotus Tavern?" said Evan surprisingly.

He took a deep breath before speaking again.

"Tin, I've heard that the ingredients chosen for the recipes are all meat from high-grade monsters and diabolic beasts, and their wine is also the magic wine refined by alchemists. Their prices are outrageously high," he continued.

Even though Evan's mind watered at the sound of delicious food, he couldn't help but think of the expensive prices.

"What are you worried about? If you want to try their meat and wine, just do your best at the examination," Austin said.

"Otherwise, there will be no such a chance available," he added seriously. Evan's eyes lit up in delight. "Don't worry Tin! I won't loaf around at the examination," he said.

Meanwhile, several stewards who sat on the viewing platform for special guests were finally relieved when they saw Austin emerge from the field.

They heaved a deep sigh they've been holding for a while. Now, they were ready to announce the next session of the promotion examination.

Several figures with unfathomable power sat among the stewards in the spacious meeting hall for senior leaders of Sun Sect.

A gentleman who looked like a Confucian scholar sat in the middle of the hall.

A pale blue vital energy loomed around him and made him look like a god. Anyone that would feel his momentum of power would certainly be horrified. He was the one and only Theon Xiang, the top leader of Sun Sect. Everything from his speech to his behavior exuded a dominant aura.

The other six were the elders of Sun Sect, who all had great influence and high reputation. They were so powerful that if any of them stomped their feet, the whole Sun Sect would experience violent earthquakes.

"Your grace, I've heard that in recent times, several groups of disciples who have gone out on duty have disappeared one after another," a middle-aged woman dressed as a Taoist nun said.

"But, what is the real situation?" she asked.

Her face twisted into a frown as she waited for an answer.

Although she wasn't that young, her eyes still looked pretty and charming, and her body was as slender as a young girl's.

Theon looked pensive before he answered her. "Yes, Elder Su, what you've heard is right. Sun Sect has lost a thousand disciples in the past six months, even including more than a hundred inner disciples," he said grimly.
Melancholy crossed his face as he heavily shook his head.

Sun Sect only had a total of four or five hundred inner disciples. The hundred that suddenly went missing were equal to almost one-fifth of their total number. It was considered a huge loss.

"And now that we have less than five thousand outer disciples, our Sun Sect will only continue to weaken unless we increase the number of inner disciples," he continued after a pause.

"Your grace, you did make a good point. Our sect has the largest number of outer disciples, and it is also the basis of our sect. It seems that the five sects are harmonious for the time being—but in fact, the fights and struggle between the sects are also quite obvious," An old man with gray hair and mustache suddenly spoke up as well.

"If our Sun Sect is weak right now, we're only afraid that the other four sects will launch attacks against us," he added worriedly.

Upon hearing his words, the rest of the crowd became seriously anxious. Tension hung heavily in the air.

"Your grace, who are those villains and what makes them have the nerve to kill so many of our disciples and become enemies of our Sun Sect? And have they ever thought about the consequences of angering our Sun Sect like that? How can they not respect us?"

A tall, red-faced elder roared angrily as he abruptly slapped his hand on the chair's armrest.

"Elder Jiang, you are actually joking, right? Those villains have killed thousands of our disciples; do you think they will respect us? You're just speaking without thinking first!" another woman said sharply.

Her face was stone cold, which made people feel that they should stay far away from her.

"Elder Li, you…!" Elder Jiang exclaimed. However, he abruptly stopped speaking. He couldn't find the right words to express his mixed emotions.

"You two Elders, stop arguing now," Theon waved his hand and sighed. "I have been sending our disciples with high martial skills to investigate the matter during this period, but not much progress has been made," he said. Then he added," Those who went missing seemed to have evaporated in the air—we found no bodies so we don't know if they are dead or alive."

"Thus, I intend to send two Elders and several stewards to investigate the matter again," he continued. "The enemies hide in the dark while we are exposed in the light—if we don't find out what has been going on as soon as possible, we will continue to suffer great losses," he finished.



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