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 Season 1

Episode 93

(The refinement of two top spiritual weapon (2)

The black blade was known as Negative Shadow Blade, while the red one was the Positive Shadow Blade. They were twin blades with positive and negative vital energy, which meant that they were inseparable and deeply connected.   

  And, these two blades were… top grade level one spiritual weapons!    

 Austin couldn't help but be taken aback, while he was also pleasantly surprised when he read the introduction in the manual.     

Cultivators usually classified the spirit weapons into three types: low grade, medium grade, and the top grade.     

All types of weapons were divided into five levels.   

For a top grade level one spiritual weapon, it was so valuable that even top cultivators from the Mysterious Realm would do anything to get it!     

Austin sighed deeply and thought that he wouldn't dare show this level of a spiritual weapon casually in public, even if he had succeeded in refining the Twin Shadow Blades.     

There was a saying that the precious jade landed its owner in jail, even though he was innocent! Thus, if someone who was envious of his treasure had targeted him, he was afraid that he might get into trouble.     

He went back to reading the secret manual carefully again and tried to understand it.    

 The core contents of the manual aimed to guide a cultivator on how to refine the two top grade spiritual weapons.     

It also contained instructions on how to skillfully use them after their refinement. 

  Once refined, the two blades could be fused with a cultivator's own flesh and blood and concealed within his body. 

    When a cultivator fought against an enemy, he could mentally control the Twin Shadow Blades, and the blades would turn invisible and attack the opponent without being noticed.    

 Austin thought that the predecessors who had refined and created the Twin Shadow Blades were wise.     

After several times of meditation, Austin put the secret manual back in his Space Ring, placed two blades side by side in front of him, and began to refine them according to the methods described in the secret manual.     

The specially structured vital energy formulas continuously fell on the two blades as Austin constantly changed hand gestures. He was exercising his vital energy to summon the formulas.   

  As more and more vital energy formulas poured into the blades, they began to have some kind of reaction.   

The short blades quivered, and their metal bodies made a buzzing sound that echoed in the room, as red and black light flashed alternately.     

However, refining a top grade spiritual weapon was not an easy thing.   

  Austin ceaselessly exercised his vital energy inside his body, and it gradually decreased. The changing formulas that flew about in the room consumed a lot of his vital energy.     

Since Austin's cultivation base was at the sixth level of Energy Gathering Realm, it was hard for him to refine the two top grade spiritual weapons.     

After two hours later, the process had consumed all the vital energy in Austin's body.     

Austin tiredly used his mind to communicate with the vital energy stone hidden in his elixir field. A large amount of vital energy then gushed from the stone at once and fully replenished the depleted energy in Austin's body.   

A bitter smile formed on his face. Last time, the vital energy stone absorbed and stored so much energy from the seven earth spirit fruits. The energy must have almost run out due to repeated use and replenishment.    

 He had to find another way to add vital energy to the vital energy stone, but it was difficult to find valuable natural materials like the earth spirit fruit.    

 After the vital energy in Austin's body was refilled, his refining speed became faster.     

About another hour later, the two blades buzzed, rose up in front of Austin and hung in midair.     

Austin had mixed feelings of astonishment and happiness, as he knew that it would be soon determined if he succeeded or failed. He braced himself up and roared loudly, then the vital energy in his body surged violently and spread to his hands.   

Then, the two blades infused with the vital energy formulas which glowed red and black, attached themselves to Austin's left and right palms, then disappeared.     

Austin sighed deeply in relief. He was quite exhausted, so he immediately relaxed his body and slumped to the ground.    

 Fortunately, he had successfully refined the Twin Shadow Blades.     

He felt amazed when he realized that he had successfully embedded the Twin Shadow Blades in his own flesh and blood.     

When he mentally checked the Negative Shadow Blade, it suddenly appeared five meters in front of him and strangely gave off a mysteriously dark light.   

Apparently, its movements were invisible and silent!     

Austin focused mentally again, and the Negative Shadow Blade disappeared into thin air, then suddenly reappeared ten meters away from him.    

 He was ecstatic now, as such a strange and unpredictable attack was invisible and impossible to avoid.     

He then put away Negative Shadow Blade and released the Positive Shadow Blade. A red light flickered, and the Positive Shadow Blade suddenly appeared, disappeared, and leaped forward in the room. Its trajectory was impossible to identify!     

However, he realized that the power of the Twin Shadow Blades' attack came from his own vital energy.     

The Positive Shadow Blade emitted an overbearing and robust power, while the Negative Shadow Blade's was soft and sharp. When used together, they formed a set of swordplay array.   

Finally, Austin had refined the two blades and formed the Twin Shadow Blades. As for how much attacking power it could release, that depended on the cultivation base of his own vital energy.     

After all, the cultivation base of vital energy was always the primary strength of a cultivator.    

 Austin planned to stay in his house for the remaining three days and try to raise the cultivation base of his vital energy to a higher level.     

If he could reach the seventh level of Energy Gathering Realm with his body's abundant amount of vital energy, his vital energy strength would be equal to or even better than Billy's!

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