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Season 1

Episode 59

(Refinement Contribution Credits)

With what he obtained in the Beast Mountain, Austin was quite confident that he would get the chance to pick a martial arts skill for free.

"Attention, everyone! Be quiet and line up! We will now begin to tally the scores you have achieved in the Beast Mountain."

Everyone in Merit Hall could hear the recorder's announcement.

The announcement suddenly had all the disciples waiting for the results with great excitement and expectant faces.

The majority of them exerted themselves in the past few weeks and was now hoping their efforts would finally pay off.
A supervisor from Merit Hall was very satisfied after he saw all the outer disciples quickly becoming quiet. He nodded, and said," Very well, let's begin!"

"Farry, one level-two monster beast core, one level-one diabolic beast core. And a few low-level spiritual herbs. Three contribution credits," was the first to be announced.

"Terence Zhang, one level-one demonic beast core, and several low-level spiritual herbs. Two contribution credits!"

"Brandi Huang, two level-two monster beast cores, one level-one diabolic beast core, and some low-level spiritual herbs. Four contribution credits.

The announcement of scores continued for the rest of the disciples. It went until all the achievements were awarded.

The spoils won by disciples were mostly level-one diabolic beast cores and level-two monster beast cores.

Sadly, the outer disciples didn't have the guts to ruffle the level-two diabolic beasts and demonic beasts.

For those who only got low-level spiritual herbs and flowers, the recorders didn't bother to count the numbers. They just gave the disciples one dedication point for any herbs or flowers shown to them.
There were no complaints from these disciples. They were well aware of the little value of these low-level spiritual herbs and flowers.

The announcement for every achievement and reward was made loudly by the recorder. Excitedly, the outer disciples came forward one by one, proudly showing what they earned in Beast Mountain.

After the announcement of how many contribution credits a disciple earned, the recorder would swipe a silver token on the Jade Badge that bore information about the disciple's identity. Then with a flash of silver light, the contribution credits received by each disciple were automatically recorded in the Jade Badge.

Those who earned high contribution credits held their Jade Badges tightly in their hands out of excitement, refusing to lay these down. Meanwhile, those who got low contribution credits were often downcast in spirit.

As the event progressed, everyone paid great attention to the proceedings. Some would occasionally discuss, in low tones, what they heard throughout the announcements.

"Hey, Tin! How many did you harvest? Will you be getting the first prize? Well, I have confidence in you," Herbert said. He dragged Austin's cuff while talking to his friend.

Herbert's strength level was not very high. His biggest harvest from Beast Mountain was two level-one diabolic beast cores. Other than that, all he collected were low-level spiritual herbs with little value. The two diabolic beast cores were even given to him by Austin.

Since there was no hope for him to get into the top three, Herbert decided to focus on what Austin would achieve in this event.

"I don't know. Just let the chips fall where they will. No one knows who would laugh the loudest until the last moment," Austin said calmly.

His insides fluttered with nerves, but he appeared very cool.

Finally, Herbert's turn came.

He strode forward and presented his two level-one diabolic beast cores. Then he emptied the big sack on his back until a variety of low-level spiritual herbs and flowers scattered everywhere.

Unleashing his charm, Herbert leaned closer to the recorder. With a flattering smile, he said," Hey, buddy. Look, although these are only low-level spiritual herbs and flowers, I have more than anyone else does.

Do you think you could give me one more contribution credit for this?"

His behavior flustered Austin. Herbert's quirky moves made him nervous.

The recorder inspected the bunch of low-level spiritual herbs and flowers with a frown before raising his voice impatiently," One dedication point, no more. If you have any issues with it, you can take them back and use them yourself!"

"Three contribution credits in total. Move on! Next!"

The recorder called out as he tossed the Jade Badge to Herbert.

He caught the badge and retreated with a look of disappointment.


Another supervisor who was standing aside to monitor the proceedings seemed to have noticed something. He rushed forward to take a look at the bunch of low-level spiritual herbs and flowers that Herbert dumped out and his eyes lit up. He took two dark red spiritual herbs from them and examined them closely.

"They are really the sun rock herbs! Wonderful!" he exclaimed.

He was bubbling with excitement but he still maintained a cool expression. Everyone around him murmured in surprise. While the herb was quite rare, it was still considered a low-level spiritual herb. But why was the supervisor so ecstatic to discover the sun rock herbs?
"Two sun rock herbs, add two contribution credits for each one," he ordered. The recorder was perplexed by the command.

And the disciples who overheard the exchange began to protest loudly. They thought it was unfair.

Meanwhile, Herbert was too surprised to utter a word.

"Quiet!" the supervisor shouted.

His sudden outburst had everyone in the hall turning silent.

"It's an order from the elder of the Medicine Hall that anyone who turns in the sun rock herb lately will receive two contribution credits for each herb. These herbs are used to make pills in the Medicine Hall. Anyone who has doubts about it can go to talk to the Elder Yuan themselves," he said.

All the outer disciples were dead silent. The Medicine Hall was a place of high status. Moreover, Elder Yuan was one of the five prominent elders in the sect. Who had the nerve to challenge his words?

"Herbert, seven contribution credits."

The announcement shocked Herbert, who couldn't believe he received seven contribution credits in the trial. It all happened so fast and it seemed like a dream.

Before coming to Beast Mountain, he planned to take some risks to obtain some low-level spiritual herbs and flowers in the mountain. He knew that as long as he had something, he would be awarded contribution credits.

He never expected the two diabolic beast cores given by Austin. Herbert was ecstatic at the time he received these from his friend. And getting three contribution credits was already far beyond his expectation.

But because of the two sun rock herbs, he was granted seven contribution credits. Herbert was thrilled by this dramatic turn and could not wipe the grin off his face.

"Tin, I'm sorry. It seems that I might snatch the first prize from you this time." He laughed before boasting," I guess I made the right decision. These two sun rock herbs happened to be on the side of a very slippery cliff. I just got that inspiration and sort of had a hunch that they might bring me good luck. So, I took the chance and crossed the cliff to get them despite the dangers."

With a smug smile, Herbert looked at Austin.

What Herbert did, risking his life, to get the herbs was truly courageous, and Austin admired him for it.

Inhaling deeply, Austin shook his head in resignation as he admitted that luck was truly on Herbert's side.

"Anthony Pang, five level-two monster beast cores, three level-one diabolic beast cores, two level-one demonic beast cores. Ten contribution credits."

The recorder made the announcement. Every disciple stopped discussing Herbert's good luck as soon as they heard the words.

A loud hiss broke the silence.

The disciples gasped in surprise and turned to look at outer disciple Anthony Pang, who stood in the middle of the Hall. Ten contribution credits were the highest score recorded so far.

Anthony felt the admiring glances boring into him. He could not help but feel proud of his achievement.

Then he cast a disdainful glance at Herbert, as if to challenge him.

"Huh! Every dog has its day. You're the lucky dog. But with me here, there's nothing for you to brag about.

Only those who win with real strength should enjoy the real glory," he spat. "You..." Herbert began to sputter.

"How can you say that?

What's the big deal if you get a few more contribution credits?"

The remark had pissed Herbert off.

But eventually, it was Austin's turn to hear his score.

All eyes were on him as he walked calmly towards the recorder and brought out the beast cores from his chest one by one.

"Fifteen level-two monster beast cores, fifteen contribution credits."

Even the recorder was surprised by the number of beast cores presented by Austin on the table.

The crowd quickly broke into an uproar. With shocked expressions, they looked at Austin, unable to believe what they saw and heard.



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