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 Season 1

Episode 85

(The right choice (1)

Austin felt helpless as he looked at the young disciples who were trying to fight him. Despite being promoted as an outer disciple, Austin kept a low profile so he could concentrate on his cultivation.    

It was because fame had brought Austin great misfortune. Three years ago, he was famous for his strength and people envied him. Envy finally consumed them making them back stab Austin.    

There was a saying that 'When people throw stones at you, it's because you are a good tree full of fruits. They see a lot of harvests in you.' Austin knew this well as he already lived two lives.   

 "Don't push me. I'm not in the mood to fight,"     

Austin spoke reluctantly.    

"I believe he is really a fool!"  

The group of young disciples had burst into laughter as if they had heard a big joke.    

"Are you seriously threatening us? Maybe you have forgotten that you're a newcomer. And maybe, you have also left your manners where you came from. You must be taught to respect your seniors. I, Tonny Tian, will teach you a lesson,"     said the youth who received the money. He sarcastically laughed as he spoke out his name.  

  "Leopard Punch!"    

Tonny howled and strode up. His fists, covered with the vital energy, were vigorous and powerful like a leopard as they rushed towards Austin.    

This was a grade two martial skill Tonny had learned. Although he hadn't mastered it yet, he thought it was more than enough to cope with a newcomer who was just promoted.  

Fed up with Tonny's arrogance, Austin didn't restrain his strength as he fought back.    

Austin stepped on his toes and the next thing Tonny knew, the adversary was already on his right. Austin suddenly appeared next to him like a ghost. Austin put the vital energy into his palm and then beat the opponent's right wrist at high speed.    

Tonny threw his Leopard Punch but it missed Austin as the latter suddenly disappeared.    

Tonny was startled to find that Austin appeared on his right. He knew he needed to change an attacking way, but it was already too late. The next thing he knew, he heard a cracking sound and felt a severe pain on his wrist. He turned deadly pale with sweat falling all over his face. He held his right wrist as he screamed crazily.   

 Tonny was at level six of the Energy Gathering Realm but he was hit by a newcomer that easily.  

When he was hit, Tonny sensed Austin's vital energy wave was also at level six of the Energy Gathering Realm. A disciple at the same level as him disabled his wrist with only one move.    

Witnessing how Austin easily disabled a wrist of a senior at level six of the Energy Gathering Realm, Matias felt unhappy.    Although it was hard to admit, he realized that Austin was now more powerful than him.    

The last time he fought with Austin, they were both at level four of the Energy Gathering Realm. Before the promotion test, he had already reached level five and was confident that he could defeat Austin.    

But to his surprise, Austin reached level six of the Energy Gathering Realm which was unacceptable to him.  

'Austin, mark my word! Someday, I will prove that I am more powerful than you!'    
Matias clenched his fists and he stared at Austin's face with hatred in his eyes.    Barton and the other four young disciples realized that Austin was also at level six of the Energy Gathering Realm. He showed his terrifying fighting power when he disabled Tonny's wrist with one move.   

 They made eye contact with each other and then started to attack Austin simultaneously.    

Six young disciples at level six of the Energy Gathering Realm were engaged in a battle, and the violent vital energy waves spread everywhere immediately. 

Some disciples standing close to them were forced to step back as they felt pain when the fierce vital energy waves blew onto their faces.   

All disciples who were just promoted in the field and witnessed Austin's power looked at him pitifully.  

Although Austin had wonderful combat power, it was impossible to fight with five opponents at the same level as him simultaneously.    

There was no way he could escape from being beaten.    

Those who freely gave vital energy crystals to the robbers chuckled at his discomfiture and thought, 'How dare you pretend to be powerful just because you've been promoted?'   

 Austin didn't know why a man had to bow his head. Did he think it was customary for grunt disciples?    

Austin sneered and started the Wind-commanding Skill. He moved his body and floated like a dead leaf dancing with the wind. He was like a single boat in the sea under the attack of the five young disciples.    

The young disciples couldn't even touch the tip of his clothes.  

Afterward, sounds of cracking bones could be heard.  

"Someone got killed! Help!"    

The last young disciple quickly ran away instantly and shouted. He was scared that he wet himself as he looked at his fellows holding their wrists and crying miserably. 

 Austin strode out and followed him closely like a shadow. He cracked the opponent's wrist at a lightning speed. It caught the young disciple by surprise who didn't realize what happened. He just held his wrist and howled crazily.  

 Despite being outnumbered, Austin defeated all of them and was unharmed.   
 And anybody could see that Austin didn't even sweat after the battle. He hadn't exerted all his strength.    

The people who witnessed the rumble were shocked at the unexpected result.  

For a moment, there was silence on the field. Barton glared at Austin. Riding on his brother Billy's strength and fame, he was the tyrant among the outer disciples. But today, he was unexpectedly defeated by a newcomer who was just promoted into an outer disciple. How could he even vent his anger?    

He also realized that even if they fought together, they wouldn't be enough to beat Austin. If they stayed here longer, they would be insulted more.   


The other five young disciples glanced at Austin with enmity in their eyes and then left the field without saying a word. Apparently, Austin embarrassed them, and though they couldn't let him go, they also couldn't defeat him for now.   

 "Tin! You did it!"    

Evan clapped his hands to praise Austin aloud after he had beaten the bullies who asked for protection fee among the outer disciples. Naturally, Evan would be the first one to support his friend.  

After the rumble, the other disciples
thought of another problem.


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