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Season 1

Episode 81

(Get successfully promoted (2)

He looked among the six Elders, which meant that he was asking for their opinions about his plan.

They now knew that Theon was really determined to solve the problem, because the elders and stewards were the senior leaders of Sun Sect who had powerful martial art skills. Sending them to investigate could greatly benefit and speed up the investigation.

After a while, a female voice spoke. "Since you have decided, your grace, I support your decision. I volunteer for the investigation," the woman, Elder Li said flatly. Another Elder who looked short, shrewd, and vigorous stood up as well. "I'll join her too," he said as his eyes blazed with anger. One more Elder chimed in as well.

"Me too," an old man in white who just sat there and never spoke a word until now suddenly said, his eyes narrowed into slits. There were now three elders who decided to join the investigation.

"Very well, there are three elders who volunteered to join the investigation. I believe that the cause of this issue will soon come to light," Theon said. "I will also appoint several stewards to help the three Elders in the investigation," he added.

His eyes sparkled with hope as he ran through his plan.

After a moment, he continued, "The remaining three Elders will stay behind and preside over the work of our sect." Shortly after, one of the Elders spoke.

"Your grace, the promotion examination of grunt disciples will be carried out today, right?" he asked.

Theon nodded seriously. "That's right. We have no other choice but to take such a measure to make up for the shortage of outer disciples," he said sadly. After few seconds, he spoke to the elders once again.

"The promotion selection must go through two links of examination," he said. "Elders, I then propose that anyone who can pass the first link of the promotion examination will be allowed to be promoted as an outer disciple."

The six elders were shocked by his words, but after contemplating for a bit, they all agreed. Although the quality of their disciples was important, sometimes the quantity mattered more.
It was common knowledge that it was hard to become a big sect without a certain number of disciples for its supporting foundation.

Steward Ouyang stood up from the viewing platform of the Martial Arts Performing Field.

He was the most senior one among the stewards. He then cleared his throat to speak.

The disciples in the audience seats had been impatient for a while now. When they saw Steward Ouyang had something to say, they immediately quieted down.

"My dear disciples, the first session of the examination is over," he began.

"Next, the disciples who have successfully passed the first step of the examination will carry out the second session."

His voice was loud, then he paused for a bit.

Suddenly, someone outside rushed inside the auditorium and quickly proceeded to the viewing platform.

He walked to the stewards who presided over the promotion examination and whispered something to them.

Several stewards were shocked, and they glanced bitterly at each other.

The messenger left, and Ouyang directly announced the news.

"Our sect has decided that those who passed the first session of the examination won't have to take part in the second session, and they could be promoted directly to outer disciples."

The seventy or eighty disciples who had been waiting for the second session immediately cheered at the news.

Some of them who had secretly worried if they could pass the second examination, excitedly joined in the cheers as well.

This meant that seventy to eighty grunt disciples were qualified for the promotion.

In the past, only twenty to thirty disciples were qualified to be promoted.
"Well, all the promoted disciples may go to the Merit Hall tomorrow for the exchange of a new Jade Badge for your identity. You may all leave the field now."

After the last announcement, the disciples prepared to leave.

At last, the grunt disciple promotion selection trials were finally over.

"Tin, I finally become an outer disciple!" Evan excitedly said.

He was so overjoyed that when he laughed, his mouth was so wide open. Austin was worried that he would dislocate his chin if he laughed like that again.

Denali saw the two of them leaving and followed at once.

"Austin, we've finally all been promoted as outer disciples," she said happily.

On the other hand, Matias watched Austin and Denali leave side by side. He angrily gritted his teeth as jealousy raced in his veins.

"Austin, one day I'll be stronger than you, then I'll defeat you completely and step hard on your body," he murmured.

"Tin, now that I'm promoted, do we still go to Lotus Tavern?" Evan remembered and reminded Austin.

Austin nodded enthusiastically at him. "Yes, we'll go now," he said.

Austin had previously absorbed all the vital energy crystals hidden in the dummies within the 50 to 150 meters distance. It added up to almost twelve thousand vital energy crystals which made him feel rich at that moment, so he said yes without a second thought.

Denali heard their conversation and joined in as well. "Austin, you're going to Lotus Tavern for dinner? I want to come too!"

The Lotus Tavern was famous among Sun Sect's disciples, so Denali was interested.

However, Austin pouted his lips. 'Why is the girl so cheeky and even asked to come with us for free dinner?' he thought.

A single dinner at Lotus Tavern could easily cost a few hundred vital energy crystals. If one more person joined them, it meant that he might have to spend a hundred more vital energy crystals.

Then again, she was a girl anyway—and as a gentleman, Austin definitely wouldn't refuse her in public, so he just nodded in agreement to her request.



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