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Season 1

Episode 82

(Giving raymond a thrashing)

After the test for selection and assessment of talents was over, Austin, together with Evan and Denali, went to Peace Town.     

At the town, it was full of hustle and bustle and the streets were packed with pedestrians.     

Several pairs of gaudily dressed young men and women stood on the street while holding their horses. The couples looked happy and carefree as if they were matches made in heaven. They attracted the attention of the passers-by.     

Austin kept a low profile while walking on the streets. He knew that members from other sects were present and that they might be keeping tabs on him.     Different sects often contended with each other overtly and covertly. The slightest disagreement in conversations or dissension over attire would lead to unnecessary troubles.   

Short after, they turned and entered another street. A magnificent tavern came into his view. In the next instant, Austin lifted his chin, and sniffed the aroma of wine that filled the air. The horizontal board on the facade read, Lotus Tavern. Austin took a moment to admire the beautiful calligraphy.     

"It smells so good!"    

they hadn't reached the door of the tavern, yet Evan sniffed the air and cried out exaggeratedly," Tin, my mouth is watering!"    

"You are drooling! Wipe your mouth and try not to make a fool of yourself."    

Evan stretched his hand and brushed his mouth. Indeed, the corners of his mouth were wet with saliva.     

Denali chuckled at the sight.     

Lotus Tavern was still some distance away. Yet, the delicious smell of food had already enticed them. Evan rushed in the front, eager to get to the tavern and see what it had to offer.   

"You blind dog! Get away!"    

Several arrogant young men shoved Austin and his fellows to the side rudely as they made way for a young man about sixteen or seventeen years old. He wore a yellowish garment and had handsome and refined features.     

The teenage boy seemed to have applied makeup. His face had been plastered with powder, and his lips were covered in lipstick. A long sword hung on his waist. He looked handsome and elegant.     

His charming appearance caught the eyes of young girls who passed by. They blushed and glanced at him from head to toes, openly.     

Feeling the admiring eyes boring into him, the young man felt more proud of himself.     

"Huh! You bastard. You dared to block my way! Weaver, break their legs and tell them who I am!"  

Seeing that Austin and his companions were shabbily dressed, the young man assumed that they were low-grade disciples of some sect at best. So, he wanted to take this chance to impress the common folk with his authority.    

 The clothes that Austin and Evan wore were of the lowest quality. Anyone would take it for granted that they were poor men at the first sight of them.     

Denali's clothes were better than Austin's and Evan's clothes, but they were not expensive either.     

Austin dedicated himself to martial arts practice every day. How could he have extra time and energy to pay attention to his appearance?     

"Okay, Raymond!"    

Weaver nodded and turned. Two men left Raymond's side and joined Weaver. Weaver and his companions then approached Austin and his friends with vicious smiles.   

"Don't overreact! You bumped into us!"  
  seeing that the group of young men was being unreasonable, Denali snapped. Her beautiful face was full of anger.     

"Oh! There is a beauty here!"    Raymond's eyes brightened as he noticed Denali. He ogled her from head to toe, his eyes glued to her hot figure. He didn't intend to hide that he was a lecherous man.   

  "Weaver, don't be rude to the beautiful lady. Keep your hands off her. Let's take her with us to the Lotus Tavern. I'll treat her with good wine and food. Then, tonight we'll take her back to our inn so that she can rest well. Since these two bastards are with the beautiful girl, just break one leg for each."    

Raymond's dirty gaze had been focused on Denali this whole time. He grew more excited as he stared at the soft contours of her breasts and curvaceous hips. If it were not for the fact that there were lots of people on the streets, he would have forced himself on her by now.   

"Okay. Raymond has a tender heart for beauties. Young lady, you are lucky today. From now on, whatever you want, glory, wealth or rank, they will all come to you as long as you are with Raymond," Weaver said with a grin.    

 "Go away! I will only say it once!"    Austin snapped coldly.     

They had rarely indulged at a luxurious tavern. Since they were celebrating, Austin, Evan, and Denali had decided to visit the Lotus Tavern. However, their good day was spoiled by these young men. Austin was in no mood to eat now.     
He had planned to keep a low profile in town, but that didn't mean he was a weakling. Now, someone was threatening to break his and Evan's legs and treating Denali with utter disrespect. If he didn't challenge these goons, he would truly be a coward.     

It was not a merit for a person to be arrogant, but it was certainly not a good thing to act cowardly.   

As the old saying went, all lay loads on a willing horse.     


Raymond couldn't believe his ears. Considering his grandparent's power and influence, he had grown to be an arrogant and domineering person. He was accustomed to people agreeing with him and getting his way. The three people in front of him were low-grade disciples from some sect, but they dared to talk to him like this.     

He felt humiliated.     

"Son of a bitch! What did you say?"   

Raymond asked in a cold tone. He walked toward Austin and then placed his ear closer to Austin as he waited for a reply.     

His men also followed. They cracked their fingers and looked fierce as if wanting to kill Austin on the spot.   

"I said, go away!"    

Austin suddenly soared and kicked Raymond's face with his right foot.     Raymond never expected that Austin would dare to hurt him.     

He was unprepared for the sudden attack. Moreover, they were very close, and he didn't have any time to dodge. 

    With a resounding thud, Austin's foot collided with Raymond's handsome face. A footprint laced with mud was stamped on Raymond's powdered face. His graceful manner was now nowhere to be found.     

His fragile nose bled profusely as it had been squashed flat by Austin's kick.    

 "Son of a bitch! You dared to attack me! I'll kill you now!"    

Raymond screamed. He had never been beaten like this. The embarrassment and humiliation were enough to drive him over the edge.   

What was worse, there were so many people on the street passing by. He had been disgraced in public! How could he uphold his authority if he didn't take revenge?     

Furious, he moved his hand to his waist. A ding sound was heard as he unsheathed a long sword. A white light flashed on its blades. It was a spiritual weapon.    

 He wielded the sword confidently before swinging it at Austin. He had lost his temper. There was only one thought in his mind—to kill the low-born rat that dared to defy him!     

The moment Raymond displayed his swordsmanship, Austin recognized that his cultivation base was at the sixth-level of the Energy Gathering Realm.     

Austin sneered. He moved his tiptoes and employed the Wind-commanding Skill. With that, he dodged Raymond's sword.     

Then he released the Spiritual Sense Flying Needle, and suddenly Raymond felt a sharp pang in his head, which slowed his movements.   

Before he could react, Austin smashed his face again.     

This punch could not even be counted as a martial arts technique. But when he was in the passage where he fought dummies, this trick helped him beat several puppets. It had proven to be the simplest but the most effective means for an attack.     

He could do it with high proficiency and bring its power to the fullest.     


Austin aimed for Raymond's nose!    

 In an instant, Raymond's face was covered with blood. His nose disappeared as it had been smashed into pieces by Austin's vital energy and dispersed into the air.     

Raymond's body was like a kite that lost its string—it flew backward through the air and collided with the threshold of a store on the street. His head rolled to one side, and he lost consciousness.   

A loud hiss was heard from the crowd.     The bystanders on the street gasped with surprise. They didn't expect that this ordinarily dressed young man who came from nowhere would be so ferocious and cruel.     

Looking at Raymond's ruined face, Weaver was startled. Then he glared at Austin viciously.     

"You're dead now. Don't you know who you have offended? You will not be able to make up for your mistake in a thousand lifetimes! Your life isn't worth a penny with your lowly position," Weaver said with gritted teeth.     

Austin frowned upon hearing his threat.     He slid forward, and in a flash, he stood in front of Weaver.     

Weaver was shocked by Austin's sudden movements. However, his cultivation base was higher than Raymond's. He soon pushed off the ground with his tiptoes and backed a few steps to keep a distance from Austin.   

His cultivation base was at the seventh-level of the Energy Gathering Realm.     But Austin didn't care about any of this. He leaped and cornered Weaver. Then, in a flash, Austin swung his fist at him.    

 Weaver didn't have time to take out his sword. He deflected the attack with his fist.   

  He noticed from Austin's vital energy that he was at the sixth-level of the Energy Gathering Realm. He was confident that he could beat Austin.   

"You brat, I will kill you in such a way that nothing will left for to bury".

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