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 Season 1

Episode 77

(Bumper harvest)

Sweat trickled down on Austin and Denali's foreheads as they ran, with Matias behind them. About four minutes later, they had advanced forty five meters.     


 They suddenly heard a swooshing noise, then three dummies jumped out and attacked them.     

The dummies were at the fourth level of Energy Gathering Realm.     

The dummies' skills seemed to have jumped to the fourth level of Energy Gathering Realm at the last five meters of the fifty-meter-long aisle.     

Denali glanced nervously at Austin. She and the dummies were on the same skill level, and she was afraid of being defeated.   

Even if she had confidence in herself, it wasn't that easy to defeat someone else of the same level.     

A beam of yellow light flashed when Matias whipped out his dagger and cut one of the dummies.     

Meanwhile, Austin used his Wind-commanding Skill to fight as well.     

He was now at the third stage of Wind-commanding Skill, which was Using the Wind. He had become stronger and faster because of his increasingly challenging practice sessions. Thus, it was easy for him to fight these level four dummies.     

He kicked one dummy so hard in the abdomen that it backed several steps.    

 "Take your time, Denali! I'll go first," Austin shouted.     

Shortly after, he went forward and didn't look back.     

However, Denali was angry at Austin's indifferent behavior. She slashed at a dummy fiercely with her sword and it retreated.   

Now, Austin's goal was to defeat the dummy and collect the vital energy crystals after passing fifty-meter line, and not flirt with Denali.    

 He knew that he could undoubtedly pass through the test with his current strength.    

 But, what he was really concerned about was how many pieces of vital energy crystals he could get during the test.    

 It was why he didn't want to stop even for a second at the last five meters.     

As he ran, dummies sometimes sprang out towards him from both sides of the aisle.     

Austin was unfazed as he simply used his vital energy to fearlessly kick and punch the dummies.     

While his cultivation level was currently at the sixth level of Energy Gathering Realm, his thick vital energy resembled those of seventh or eighth level of Energy Gathering Realm cultivators.  

 The sound of fighting echoed down the aisle, and all the dummies that attacked Austin were knocked down by his strong vital energy.    

 He took advantage of his Wind-commanding Skill to smoothly glide down through the aisle, like a fish in the water.     

Before the dummies could attack again, he had already sped away.    

 It was sure that Austin would be the first disciple to pass the fifty-meter line.    

 However, the dummies that failed to attack him didn't stop. Their feet clunked heavily on the floor as they chased after him.     

Austin glanced at the dummies behind him. "Well, if you insist, I'll give what you want," he said coldly.   

He then gathered his vital energy and punched the first dummy hard in the face.     

Soon enough, all the dummies that charged at him got knocked down, and couldn't stand up anymore.     

It was finally the time for harvest!    

 Austin had successfully passed the fifty-meter-line.     

Outside the Training Field, there was a large auditorium.     

A few stewards each held an orb, through which they could monitor what was happening inside the Training Field.     
Suddenly, they all went wide-eyed and stared at each other in shock.    

 "Someone has passed the fifty-meter line."    

"And it took him only five minutes."  

"Is he really a grunt disciple?"    


"Wow! He is a grunt disciple. How could this be possible?"    

"Only a handful of even the outer disciples could achieve this feat."    

The stewards began to talk enthusiastically about this impressive achievement.   

  Even no matter how skeptical they were, the facts proved them wrong.  

 Meanwhile, Austin had entered the farther part of Training Field.    

 When he took a few steps forward, a big broadsword suddenly swung at him.     He dodged it and quickly got into a defensive stance.     

'The fourth-level of Energy Gathering Realm, ' he mentally gauged the dummy's skill level as he swerved its attacks.   

"Great! I was just looking for you," Austin said humorously.     

Austin's eyes sparkled with excitement, like a cat that saw a mouse. He jumped high and hit the dummy hard on the head.     


 An unmistakable crunch sounded when tiny cracks formed on the dummy's head.     

'Oh my! The dummy got broken--maybe I hit it too hard, ' Austin thought.     

'Would the Sect stewards want me to pay for it?' he thought again.     

He got a little nervous thinking about the possible consequences.   

However, as soon as he knocked the dummy down, it suddenly returned to its original position and opened its mouth.  

 It spat out twenty pieces of vital energy crystals one after the other.     

A triumphant smile formed on Austin's lips as he picked them up and gently put them into his space ring.    

 He was pleased when he saw numerous dummies that stood along the way before him.    

 'Defeating a level four Energy Gathering Realm dummy could earn twenty pieces of vital energy crystals. So what if they were level five or level six Energy Gathering Realm dummies?' he pondered.    

 'There must be more vital energy crystals, ' he thought after a while.     Austin continued to walk down the path.     

It didn't take him long to realize that the dummies were evenly distributed throughout the area.    

 Every ten meters, there were three to four dummies waiting to attack each disciple.   

'This might have been pre-arranged by the Sect stewards, ' he thought.     However, he was quite disappointed at his discovery.    

 If he could defeat all the dummies, he would acquire all the vital energy crystals.     

However, there were only three to four dummies every ten meters--and that was few for him.    

 He looked at the dummies whose metallic bodies gleamed under the light. A large number of them were placed in the Training Field.     

Each dummy had at least twenty pieces of vital energy crystals in its body.   

  Austin stood in a defensive stance as he thought of his next plan.     

'With my current strength, I can defeat the level seven Energy Gathering Realm dummies. If I fight all the dummies here, I will earn about a thousand pieces of vital energy crystals, ' he mentally calculated.   

He suddenly turned around, as if he thought of something.     

He began to walk back to the fifty-meter line.     

"Let's start it again!" he declared, as if he was speaking to real people and not to dummies.    

 A smile was etched on his lips as he looked at the first dummy beside the fifty-meter line.    

 He took a token out, and dangled it in front of the dummy's eyes.     

"Hey, attack me! I'm here to fight you!" he shouted.     

He yelled at it several times, but the dummy remained motionless as a statue.   

"Hey, fight me!"  

"I said fight me!"    

He tried to pat the dummy on the head with his token, but to no avail.     

The dummy just stood there blankly in front of him.    

 "Can't you move? Let me help you."    

Austin was irritated by the dummy, so he mustered up his vital energy and gave the dummy a heavy punch.     

The dummy was shocked by the vibration from the vital energy, and it finally moved.     

It awakened like an asleep man and hurriedly stretched its arms out to resist Austin's attack.    

 "Haha, I did it. I'm going to be rich this time!" Austin declared. He laughed triumphantly as he continued to punch the dummy.   

The dummy tried to defend himself, but Austin delivered blow after blow.     

It turned out that the dummy reacted to the humans' vital energy attacks.    

 "Bang bang!"   

 With just two punches, Austin had knocked the dummy down. Sparks appeared when its iron body scratched against the slate ground.    

 Then, the dummy opened its mouth. After a jingle-like sound, the vital energy crystals fell to the ground.     

Austin had gained twenty more pieces of vital energy crystals.     

Austin only became more energetic. He rolled up his sleeves and proceeded to provoke the rest of the dummies in succession.


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