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Season 1

Episode 64

(Grand pagoda summoning skills (2)

Meanwhile, it was on the second floor where books on grades three and four martial skills were stored.     

Outer disciples and those below this level could pay contribution credits to get books from the first floor.    

 Of course, if an outer disciple made some special contribution to the sect, or performed outstandingly, he had an option to exchange books from the second floor.     

Meanwhile, inner disciples and those above this level could likewise exchange books on the second floor.     

Taking a deep breath, Austin looked at the bookshelves in order.    

 There were as many as hundreds of books about martial skills on the library's first floor, with each book about half-an-inch thick. It was difficult to choose a suitable one from a wide selection of books on secret martial skills.   

Stone-braking Punch, Angry Dragon Punch, Swordsmanship of Picking Stars with Willow Leaves, Wind Luck Step... 

    With numerous titles on secret martial skills to choose from, Austin was dazzled.     

Swish! Swish! It was the sound of flipping pages.     

In his excitement, Austin turned to the first pages of the books quickly.    

 There was always a comprehensive introduction on the first page of every book.     

Wild Wind Knife: The knife skill was like a wind with a thunder's momentum. It would have the upper hand depending on the speed. Those wishing to cultivate it were required to be cultivators at or above level three of the Energy Gathering Realm.   

Its cultivating difficulty was standard, while the martial skill was grade one.   

  The Angry Dragon Punch could increase the strength of the cultivator's vital energy in his body. It could solidify vital energy instantly and suppress the opponent with its power, which had a horrifying explosive force.     

A cultivator must be at or above level five of the Energy Gathering Realm. It was a book with great cultivating difficulty.     Its martial skill was grade two.     

Wind Luck Step was a close combat bodily maneuver to overcome a moving target with slow movement. When someone advanced to a certain realm, he could be undefeated even when fighting against several cultivators of the same level.   

Cultivators needed to be at or above level three of the Energy Gathering Realm, and ability of understanding was required. It was also one of the grade two martial skills.     

Iron Sand, a cultivation method that refined the cultivators' body by bashing it with hard substances, strengthened the body for defense. If a cultivator used it with all his strength, he could resist any attack from an opponent of the same level.    

 If cultivating to a great extent, a cultivator could also resist attack by an ordinary knife and sword with his body strength.     

Anyone who wanted to practice this skill should be at, or above, level five of the Energy Gathering Realm. Mastering the skill was quite challenging and required both willpower and persistence.    

 The martial skill was grade two.     

Upon checking the requirements, Austin was dazzled. Several times he had been interested in it but chose to just read about it because he could only get one for free.   

That was a pity.     

If only he could choose more, but Austin sighed helplessly.     

Glancing around, he suddenly saw a booklet covered with dust in the corner of a bookshelf, where it stood indistinctly.    

 Curious, Austin walked over quickly and picked out the book. He blew the thick dust away and saw it exposed a secret martial skill.     

'Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill, ' he read.     

He thumbed through the pages quickly then took a deep breath.     

It was a grade four martial skill!     

He was suddenly confused after realizing he was on the first floor of the library. How could a book about a grade four martial skill be kept here? Shouldn't it be shelved on the second floor?   

Quickly, he read the introduction on the first page. He learned it was a fierce and oppressive martial skill that would consume much vital energy.     

But on the other hand, it was very powerful, and with it, the cultivator could even challenge an opponent of a higher level.     

Still, it was baffling why a book on a grade four martial skill was on the first floor.    

 Courageously, he took the Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill and went to ask the old man managing the library about it.    

 In the registration room of the first floor, the old man in charge of the library was surprised to see Austin clutching the booklet about the Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill.   

"Sir, why is this book on grade four martial skill here on the first floor? Can I develop it?" a confused Austin inquired. 

    Essentially, martial skills in third and fourth grades were offered to inner disciples or those above the level, for them to develop.    

 "Ahhh... I would advise you not to touch the book about the Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill. A long time ago, it was placed on the second floor.   

  And thirteen of the inner disciples or disciples above this level had cultivated this martial skill. But can you guess the result?     

All thirteen died because of the Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill," he said in a voice tinged with sadness.    

 "They all died because of the Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill? Why?"    

A deep breath was necessary for Austin to control his astonishment.   

The old man explained," Because it is difficult to cultivate the Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill and it requires a powerful and accurate mental controlling ability. Otherwise, when a cultivator practices it, the energy meridians in his entire body will break with even the slightest mistake, and may even cause the body to explode.     

Eleven of the thirteen disciples who cultivated this skill controlled themselves carelessly when they practiced, and ten of them had broken energy meridians, while one suffered a body explosion.     

All were elites in the sect."   

 The old man sighed at the memory.  

   Listening to the old man had frightened Austin. He realized the Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill was very dangerous.   

  Mental power was only a spiritual sense. To be effective, it required a strong and accurate mental controlling ability, and his spiritual sense could be equal to that of the masters of the Mysterious Realm. That would be suitable for him.   

"Even if you can summon the Grand Pagoda in the end, it has a disadvantage. This skill consumes so much vital energy. Regardless of your level, it will require 70 percent of your vital energy to call up the Grand Pagoda.    

 Think about it. After losing 70 percent of vital energy, if you can't kill the enemy with one blow, and with only 30 percent of energy left, you'll have to let the enemy kill you, right?" he pointed out.   

  He added," It is for this reason that two of the thirteen disciples who developed the Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill ended up killed, one of them being a personal disciple of the current Sect Leader."    

"A personal disciple of the current Sect Leader?" Austin echoed.     

He was startled by this revelation.   

"That's right. So the Sect Leader was furious and put this grade four martial skill on the first floor instead of the second, to prevent those arrogant inner disciples and elite disciples of the sect from practicing it."  

Austin fi┼ćally understood why the Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill had to be in the library's first floor.



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