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 Season 1

Episode 57

(The golden sun scripture)

Austin grilled the little monkey, trying to get as much information as possible.     "Honest! I don't know anything else! I just got it a month ago, and I've been hunted ever since, which hasn't left me much time to study it!"    replied the little monkey, who was on the verge of crying.    
 "Oh really?" challenged Austin as he rolled his eyes doubtfully.     

"Yes, really! I swear! Solemnly, with a Heavenly Vow! On this, the vital energy stone in your body, I have told you everything I know," pledged the monkey hurriedly.    

 Every cultivator was afraid to break a Heavenly Vow; if they did, by the rules of God, they would be punished.   

"Well, alright. Since you've given your vow, I believe you. But, all the same, you're going to be killed by me because I've made your life so miserable, and you must harbor a deep hatred for me. If I don't kill you now, I think you will be a threat to me in the future! I'm sorry!"    
commented Austin as a sly smirk appeared on his face.     

Using his mind, his Spiritual Sense Flying Needle wasn't dormant and darted at the little monkey's spiritual soul.    

 "No, no! I don't hate you! I swear!" pleaded the monkey anxiously.   

  "Don't kill me! Please!" he whimpered as he watched the Flying Needle headed at him, helplessly.     

As the little monkey faced his impending death, his reaction was like anyone else's, and it didn't matter how powerful he was.     

Austin was unmoved by the monkey's pleading.   

A moment later, the little monkey let out a loud roar as its spiritual soul was ripped to pieces within the Soul Sea of Austin. Then, the pieces became numerous spots of little red lights.    

 Some of the spiritual soul red lights disappeared immediately, while others were absorbed by Austin's Soul Sea.   

  After absorbing the pieces, Austin was surprised that he felt his spiritual sense power was enhanced quite a bit.    

 'Apparently, the red light transformed by the little monkey's spiritual soul improves the effects of my spiritual sense power.     

My spiritual sense range was about two hundred meters, and now, it feels as though its range is beyond that.'   

 To determine the precise range, Austin released his Spiritual Sense Flying Needle.   

'Wow, over four hundred meters!     

That doubled my range and enhanced my power.     

It seems that the harvest was excellent from my battle with the little monkey's spiritual soul.     

Recently, the base cultivation level of my vital energy has grown so much!     

But, my spiritual sense power hasn't progressed all that much. Since spiritual sense is a less common power, and more difficult to practice.     

Normally, the power of spiritual sense will gradually enhance, but, only with continual improvement of the vital energy's cultivation levels.     

During my battle with the little monkey's spiritual soul, I survived, but, I was in great danger, and my spiritual sense doubled, ' thought Austin as his mind glanced over every detail to understand what was happening.   

Satisfied with the results, Austin smiled smugly.     

'I wonder if the little monkey was right. Could the vital energy stone be that useful?'    

As he considered the idea, Austin turned his attention to the vital energy stone stored in his elixir field.   

  'Does it really store vital energy? And draw from it whenever it's needed?' wondered Austin curiously.    

Austin knew the force of the suction as his vital energy was absorbed and that, supposedly, it was triggered by the little monkey.     

So, he held a great fear of the vital energy stone, like it was as dangerous and venomous as a snake or scorpion. 

    He concentrated, by focusing on shifting a bit of vital energy to the vital energy stone in his elixir field.  

 It was sucked in as soon as the vital energy touched the energy stone.     

At the same time, Austin controlled his mind, and attempted to withdraw some of the vital energy from the stone.     

Sure enough, Austin was able to retrieve the vital energy that was sucked in.    

 'Yes! It does store vital energy along with being able to pull from it!' Austin thought excitedly!     

Austin was ecstatic at his discovery, 'This is a remarkable treasure!    

 As long as I keep enough vital energy stored, I won't have to worry about exhausting my vital energy when I battle others in future.     

And, the piece of vital energy stone stored as much vital energy as though I had seven goblin fruits, and that energy is at my disposal any time I need it!    

 Wow! This will be like having an ace up my sleeve during battles up the road!'  

Austin smiled at the thought and his mood was improving. How lucky he was to get such an unexpected boon!    

 Austin's excitement turned to what else he recalled the little monkey said about vital energy stone.    

 There was also a book that contained secret martial arts skills called the Golden Sun Scripture.     

Just the name sounded cool, but Austin didn't know which martial arts grade was in it.     

He decided he should learn what he could do about it first.    

 Previously, he'd practiced a form called Purple Yang Formula which was devised by the Sun Sect.     

That was the first choice of method that most of the Sun Sect disciples in the level of Energy Gathering Realm practiced.  

Purple Yang Formula was purely a masculine, righteous method which focused on a disciple's cultivation base so they made gradual progress step by step.    

 It worked well, as long as the disciple was willing to put effort into training, even for the ones who weren't very good.     

After a disciple broke through to the Earth Realm of vital energy though, the Purple Yang Formula played a smaller role in improvement because it was a primary cultivation method, and wasn't powerful enough to support improvements in the warriors with higher level martial arts.     

So, while Austin had been mulling over which cultivation method to choose after he broke through the Earth Realm, he hadn't made a decision.     

There were several cultivation methods at the third grade that were written about in books stored at the Sacred Scriptures Library of the Sun Sect, which were suitable for disciples studying at the Earth Realm vital energy level, and yet, Austin hadn't been overly satisfied with the methods offered.   

If his vital energy stone's cultivation method wasn't too low of a grade, then, perhaps he'd have more choices open to him when he broke through the Earth Realm of vital energy in the future.   

  After considering all these options, Austin released his spiritual sense and touched the vital energy stone.     

Within seconds, there was a method of cultivation appearing in his Soul Sea from the vital energy stone.     

"The Golden Sun Scripture is the strongest cultivation method in the world. After someone understands, they are able to make a great breakthrough which allows the ability and power to destroy anything!"   

 Impressed with the opening line of the book, Austin inhaled, long and deep.  

 While he read on, the ancient mysterious auras presented in Austin's mind one by one.     

The ancient words were gorgeous, thick and glowed brilliantly, as each word shone with a golden radiance like small, dazzling micro-suns.     

As the many passages of mysterious methods flowed through his mind slowly, Austin felt the great truths of the natural laws held within the tome.    

 Anyone sensing the ancient mysterious aura it was exuding would know how invaluable the book was.     

'Wow! It appears I shouldn't underestimate the Golden Sun Scripture, ever!'   

 As he felt the ancient cultivation method flowing into his Soul Sea, Austin was filled with awe toward it immediately.

   Austin immersed himself in the cultivation method so he could understand it with all his heart and soul.  

 He finally comprehended the Scripture, and he discovered three hours had slipped away.    

 Immense joy shone in his eyes when he opened them.     

What he gathered from the introduction of the mysterious cultivation method, was that the Golden Sun Scripture was the most masculine, powerful method worldwide. Anyone grasping it would have superhuman skills, able to know everything about the Heavens and Earth which would give him unlimited power. 

    Although it didn't specify clearly which grade of cultivation method it was, the introduction alluded to any disciple being able to practice it from the first stage through the God Realm with no need to change to another cultivation method halfway.     

Additionally, there was a special notation that the Golden Sun Scripture could be used as general guiding principles for other masculine, powerful cultivation methods used throughout the world.   

As long as a disciple practiced the methods within, there wasn't a reason to practice any other masculine methods, because it would be redundant.    

 'General guiding principles to other masculine, powerful cultivation methods worldwide?'    wondered Austin, deciding that the author was really cocky to write it like that.     

'Hmm, the God Realm?     

Which level is that realm?' pondered Austin inquisitively.     

This Golden Sun Scripture contained tons of information Austin hadn't ever heard before.     

He heard the highest cultivation base level someone could reach was the Imperial Realm of vital energy. He'd never heard of the God Realm.   

Austin had a vague feeling that the Golden Sun Scripture within the vital energy stone might be an incredible, rare treasure.    

 Those thoughts made him decide to practice, immediately.     

From his perspective, since he'd practiced the Purple Yang Formula, prior to this, which was the same sort as described in the tome, a masculine cultivation method, he should have no problem practicing this.     

Even if this Golden Sun Scripture wasn't overly useful, at least it could blend with Purple Yang Formula he practiced before and wouldn't bring him any harm.


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