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He gaht me asking for more💦.... 

A gay's romance❤❤
Strictly rated🔞


   Naddie rubbed it over and over again, 
  "You have a big divk"he whispered into his ears and he held tightly onto Naddie's neck, 

  He didn't want him to go at this juncture, 
   "Hmph! "He grunted while Naddie smiled, 

  They've got to finish what they started last night before it was interrupted by his cries, 

  "Want me to do this? "He asked and Cole couldn't even speak, 
  The way he was romancing his divk with his hands couldn't let him speak, 

   The way he was touching and sucking on his nïpplés gaht him so horny, 
  "Oh my gosh! N.. Na.. Nad... Nadd... Naddi.... Naddie!! "He screamed out softly, 

    "Yes baby, want me to do this? "He asked again and he nodded, 
  He nodded his head more than half a dozen times and Naddie smirked, 

  Cole haven't felt like this before, though he had a little bit of those feelings, he never felt so extremely excited with his body going on strike immediately he touched him in the rightful places. 

     Naddie bent down a bit and had his divk on his mouth, he was going to do this, 
  He never did this for any guy before but he guess he's got to do this for Cole, 

    "Arrrggghhhh!! "Cole yelled out in pleasure holding onto his hair, 
  He looked down to know what was happening to see Naddie sucking onto his divk, 

   Fuvking him with his tongue, his mouth and he felt his divk go down into his throat and then slip out and then into his throat once more. 

   Naddie will pull out at intervals to give his divk head a little rub before sucking on it, 
   He will lick the pinkish divkhead and then stroke it gently, 

  "Ahhhhh!! "Cole kept moaning, he was loosing it, 
  What's Naddie doing to him?this whole feelings is different! He never felt this way for anyone. 

 His body is strange!! Pleasures never stopped flowing through him, 
  "Aaahhhrrrrrggggghhhhhhh"he screamed loudly as he came on Naddie's lips, 
  Naddie sucked it up while some poured on his body, 

   "Wow! You're so sweet everywhere! "He said standing to his full height and then pushed Cole to his own bed getting himself ontop of him, 

  He held his own divk;
  "Look at me Cole"He said while Cole managed to look up from where he lay, 
   He saw how he was holding the divk and rubbing it all over his pubic area and at his a$$hole, 

 "Want me to do this? It will hurt! "He asked him while Cole nodded,
   "Do it"he replied half closing his eyes and Naddie scooped some lubricant in his palm and rubbed it on his a$$hole to allow easy passage of his divk before he pushed in an inch of his divk into him.... 


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