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He gaht me asking for more💦.... 

A gay's romance❤❤
Strictly rated🔞


  "Does it hurt so much? "He asked him and he groaned in pain, 
   "What are you... Are you... D-d-oing to me!!! "He screamed out as Naddie thrusted in and out of him. 

   "Arrgghh!! "He groaned while Naddie kissed his nïpplés to tease him, to make him feel both pain and pleasure at same time, 

  It wasn't working out, his a$$hole was on fire, he gritted his teeth closing his eyes trying to bear the pain but can't, 

   Naddie guessed immediately that this might be his first time cuz his a$$ too was so fuvking tight.  

  He should've applied lubricant in the first place, he pulled out of him when his screams became to unbearable, 
   "I'm sorry"he apologized as he fell back beside him, 

   Cole didn't speak, he couldn't, his legs, his thighs, his a$$hole, his stomach were all in flames. 

  He had never had an experience of this before, 
  He felt like crying but can't, 
  "I'm sorry"he mumbled again trying to touch his shoulder but Cole pushed his hands off his body. 

   "I'm sorry Cole, I didn't know its going to hurt too much, 
  I didn't know you haven't done... I mean I'm sorry, I was just carried away by... "He explained nervously whole Cole turned his face to him. 

   "I'm sorry Cole "he apologize again and his hands came to Naddie's face, 
   "My a$$ hurts like hell! "He mumbled and Naddie hugged him closer to his body. 

  "Its okay, very soon, you will begin to enjoy it "he mumbled while Cole wrapped his hands around him, 
   Soon, he slept off while Naddie covered themselves till the next morning. 

   Cole was the first to wake up, he came down from the bed and made to walk but was reminded by the pains he felt immediately around his a$$ area and his thighs. 
  "Ouch! "He groaned counting his steps like a toddler into the bathroom where he washed himself and came out tying a towel around his waist, 

  By the time he came in, Naddie was already awake and was thrilled to see his body, 
 "Wow! You look so great! "He admired while Cole smiled shyly.   

    Naddie stood up from the bed and walked closer to him, he touched his skin... His wet skin bringing his gaze to Cole's face. 

    "You're so handsome"he told Cole who blushed, 
  "Here let me give you a kiss"he said and then kissed him, 

   He kissed him so deeply taking off his towel having both of them naked with Naddie pressing him to the wall. 

      Naddie touched him softly on every part of his body softly until he held onto his divk squeezing it gently and Cole moaned out.... 


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