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He gaht me asking for more💦.... 

A gay's romance❤❤
Strictly rated🔞


From that day on, they become a bond, Naddie broke up with his boyfriend just because of Cole. 

  Cole realized that he liked him, he had a special affection for him, 
   Naddie can't stay alone without him. 

  They slept together on one bed and did everything together, 
  They quarrel tho but it doesn't last long before they get together again. 

  Tonight, it was different, Naddie felt that its high time they had s3x and he planned for it, 
   Cole was out to get their dinner from the cafeteria since he feigned sickness. 

    He lay covering himself with the duvet until Cole got back with their meal, 
   "Here Naddie, here's our meal"he said sitting down on Naddie's bed to feel his temperature. 

   "Are you sure you have a fever? Your body temperature is normal"he said while Naddie pulled him into the bed, 

  He wrapped his hands around Cole smiling, 
  "I just want you to lie beside me that's all"he said kissing his cheeks and then covered themselves with a duvet. 

    Cole smiled, he thought it was his usual way... His usual way of asking him to sleep beside him, 
   He faced him and looked straight into Naddie's eyes while the later did same thing. 

    Soon, Naddie's hands began moving up and down his body, 
  He cackled thinking it was his usual of telling him that he's got a sexy body. 

   He was mistaken, he never knew Naddie was in for something else, 
  "Holidays begins in a few days Naddie, 
  I'm going to miss you so much"he mumbled touching Naddie's head. 

  Naddie smirked, 
  "I'm going to come to your house and see you, I can't stay all day without seeing you and you know it,
   I'm going to miss you like hell"he replied and Cole replied placing his head on Naddie's chest. 

   Naddie cuddled him, 
  Cole wrapped his arms aroind his body and he caressed his body to an extent that he was ready for action, 
   "Cole look at my face"he said and Cole brought his gaze to Naddie's face. 

    He kissed Cole, he rolled his tongue against his, Cole thought it was an ordinary kiss but this one was so deep. 

   He reciprocated wrapping his arms around his neck, 
   Soon, Naddie was on top of him kissing him like hell. 

  Cole was so carried away with every body excitement that he didn't know what Naddie was upto until he felt a sharp pain in his a$$hole. 

  He gasped and realized himself, 
  He looked down to his divk area and saw Naddie's divk in his a$$hole, 

   "Naddie, what's going on? 'He asked in pain.... 


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