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🌹🌹Life of a short girl😕🙄

Highschool romance 
Rated 17+

-------Episode Sixty-Eight--------

     -------Micah's Pov---------
       🌹A video call🌹

I went back home a happy guy, laying down my self on my bed get me being so happy, 
   She's now my girlfriend after everything. 

  I tossed around my bed so happy, is this how it feels to have a girlfriend? 
   That feeling is really great then. 

    I brought out my phone and dialed her number, 
   Soon she picked up, 
📲Aren't you going to sleep Micah? 
She asked me after ten minutes of silence. 

📲Nope, I can't sleep, I just want... I can't stop thinking about you... 
📲That's a lie, 
📲I won't have called you if I was lying. 

   📲Okay, now you've called me, can you sleep now, 
📲No, I want to be hearing your voice all night till morning, 
📲Then I won't be able to sleep, 

📲Lemme video call you instead, 
I suggested, 
   I hung up and video called her immediately, 

  She picked up and I could see her face, she was lying on the bed with a pillow supporting her head, 
  Her hair all fluffed around her head and I could see that she was wearing a white pajamas, 
   She looked cute, 
I smiled at her and she did smile back. 

📲I wish am that pillow supporting your head, 
  I mumbled and she giggled. 
 I smiled nodding my head and there was silence again. 

  I wanted to look at her face more even as she closed up her eyes to sleep, 
   It felt like she was lying next to me, 

   📲Good night, 
 I mumbled and closed up my eyes too till morning, 
What woke me up the next morning was her, 
She was giggling and I think she was already dressed and all changed up, 

📲Wakey wakey, 
 She mumbled and I yawned sitting up from the bed, 
  📲Good morning, 
I greeted and she smiled at me, 
📲How was your night? 

I smirked, 
📲It was the most romantic night which I ever had, 
  Being next to you is what I will always want in my life Alicia, 
  Everyone who's hurting you doesn't know what they are missing, 

📲they don't know that they are missing alot, 
   Her face was pale and before I could talk to her about what's happening, 

  She hung up on me, 
  I was surprised, did I say anything wrong? 
   I dropped my phone on the bed and went out to my bathroom to go take a shower and pack my things for the three days vacation before I started hearing my sister's sobs and her cries. 

  I heard my mom's voice shouting at her too and before I could I know it, 
  I was hearing what they were saying clearly;

  "And you are pregnant!! You're definitely going to remove that bastard cuz you won't have a child for that thing! 

   You're for the Briton's family!!! "
  What the hell is wrong? 


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