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🌹🌹Life of a short girl😕🙄

Highschool romance 
Rated 17+

-------Episode Sixty-Seven--------

     -------Alicia's Pov---------
      🌹Be my girlfriend🌹
 Since he can't understand the language and the message am trying to pass onto him, 
  I think kissing him will be best option. 

   I removed my lips afterwards and he got his eyes glued into mine, 
   I looked at his cheeks and how reddish it have become. 

   "Do you love me Micah? "I asked and he was mute for a while as his eyes still searched into mine. 

   He hesitated before replying so I switched my words, 
  "I mean... That's the name of the story I want to write"
  He held my face with his palms, 

  He scrubbed the whole of my face with his fingers and then smirked, 
  "You should write *You're so beautiful Alicia* instead of *do you love me Micah*"

   Finally he understood my language, I beamed, 
  "I was thinking of replacing it with *I love you and not Jade* "
  "*why did you say that you love him earlier *is the perfect title for you"

  I gulped, it was getting tense and serious, 
  "I couldn't say it"
  "Why? "
  "I ju... Just don't know! I didn't... "He kissed me, 

  He kissed me so hard getting me lifted up from the ground and my legs curled up around his waist, 
   He wrapped his arms around my waist too. 

  He kissed me so deeply that I felt it in my bones, the breeze added to the beauty of everything, 
  For the next few minutes we were still kissing until we had a noise beside us. 

   We stopped and looked out for what that was, 
  It was nothing tho, we got our faces to each other again and smiled at each other.

  Does it mean he's my boyfriend now? I asked myself... Damn! His hair is so cute!... I muttered under my breath as I got my hands into his hair, 

   "You like my hair?"he asked me and I gave a little brush of a shoulder,
   "I guess that's a yes"he said bringing my two feet to the ground. 

  I smiled warmly at him and made to go, my night is fine now. 
  I don't think I feel angry again, he just made my night. 

   He pulled me back into himself and then hugged me tenderly fluffing my long hair, 
   I felt like a kid in his body but I didn't mind. 

  "Be my girlfriend Alicia "he whispered while I listened to his beating heart, 
  "I will be your heartbeat"I mumbled out with my eyes half closed and he gave me a forehead peck. 

   "I love you Alicia, I will never break your heart"he promised... I hope so... I thought to myself.... 


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