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 🌹🌹Life of a short girl😕🙄

Highschool romance 
Rated 17+

-------Episode Sixty-Six--------

     -------Micah's Pov--------

          🌹A night kiss🌹

My dad annoyed me more than the one I received in school, I had no choice but to take a stroll,

  I haven't even taken up to twelve steps when I saw Alicia pass me by on the road. 
   My heart skipped as I called her name cuz I was still having doubt's if she was her. 

  She turned her face to me when I called her name and I heaved, 
  It was really her. 
  "Hey"I cooed not minding what she said earlier about loving Jade and not me. 

   She smiled as I walked up to her,
  "Micah"her voice came up sounding so sadly, 
   I knew already from her voice that something was wrong with her too but I decided not to ask her. 

  "Okay? "I asked and she nodded, 
  We smiled at each other and strolled along in silence with our hands tucked into our sweater pocket. 

    I had many things to tell her but I really don't know where to start from, 
  I wanted to ask her if she really loved Jade even after the kiss we had in my house? 

Even after taking pains to come to my house to get me her books to read and write? 
   "I have a new novel"she broke the silence looking at my face. 

  "Oh really? What's the name? "
   "I don't love him but you"she replied and I smirked, 
  "How can a novel's name be that? "I asked she stopped walking, 

  "I'm serious, I mean... I know I couldn't even utter a word back there in school but I don't love him but you"
  "Wow! I love the story line"I replied ignorant of what she was saying. 

   She gulped, 
  "Listen up Micah, I don't mean that... I mean I love.... "
  "I want to read the story"I cut her up still not thinking the way she was thinking. 

   She sighed nodding her head, 
   "Okay, I will"
  I smiled,
   "Going tomorrow to the three day summer holiday with us? "She asked me and I nodded my head 

  "Of course, why not? Caleb promised to get me a girlfriend! "
   "Oh... Really? "
I nodded and my mood went down after that, 

   Am I really going to let Alicia go like that just as my friends advised me? 
   But I love her! I really do! Why can't she understand it? 

   She heaved, 
  "Why do you need a girlfriend? "She asked me and I shrugged, 
  "If I love that person so much, I think I will have to make her my girlfriend or if possible my wife"I replied and she stepped closer to me, 

    She stood on her toes and then pressed her lips into mine.... 


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