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🌹🌹Life of a short girl😕🙄

Highschool romance 
Rated 17+

-------Episode Sixty-Five--------

     -------Alicia's Pov---------
      🌹My sister🌹

What a silly mistake I made! Why did I have to put in all of a sudden that I love Jade? 

  Now, I've put myself into trouble, look at how many love emojis he's sending for only me alone. 

  I scoffed turning off my phone and keeping beside me reaching for my pillow. 
   I closed my eyes and soon I was off to sleep until someone came tapping at my leg. 

   I opened my eyes once more to see my sister in a fury with her leg tapping on the floor with her hands on her waist. 

   " Are you okay? "I asked her and she hissed at me, 
  I sat up looking at her, though she have been behaving strangely for the past months we began to live here, 

  I've never seen her so angry like this evening, 
  "Emma, did someone offend you? "I asked her and she nodded her head almost in tears. 

  "What's wrong? Who's the person? "
  She scoffed looking at me with those daring stupid eyes of hers, 

  "Why are you looking at me like that? "I asked her and she scoffed once more, 
  "I'm looking at your height, I wonder why a smallish girl like you took over everyone's heart, 

  I wonder how you do it! You're short and don't deserve a place among the tall us Alicia but you won't listen until... "

  I couldn't bear her harsh words even though they were new to my ears, 
  I didn't hesitate giving her a hurting slap on her cheek, 

     "What! You slapped me?? "She screamed at me and tears filled my eyes. 
    I never did that to her before but her words, 

  Her words were too strange for me to control, 
  My mom ran into our room, 
  "What's wrong? What's happening? Why all these shouts? "She asked but my jaw was still dropped. 

Unable to move about, 
    "Alicia slapped me!! "She reported showing my mom her reddish cheek, 
  "What! Alicia!! "My mom turned to me for explanation but I was too scared to talk. 

  I grabbed my slip-ons and ran out of the house, 
  What came over her? Why did she wake up someday and began to insult me too? 

    I'm so hurt! I never expected this treatment from anyone at all,
   I stopped running after sometime and then broke into a walk, 

  Thank God I had my sweaters cuz the cold night is so freezing, 
    My hair flung about cuz of the breeze that kept on getting into it. 

   I felt relieved a bit especially when the breeze touched my legs, 
  I forgot to wear my long pants so I still had my shorts on. 

    "Alicia"I heard a familiar voice call my name, 
   I turned around to see Micah standing behind me... 


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