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🌹🌹Life of a short girl😕🙄

Highschool romance 
Rated 17+

-------Episode Sixty-One--------

     -------Alicia's Pov---------
       🌹 Three day camp🌹

What he's saying caused a big ruse in the class but I didn't care, 
  Maybe they do make up while coming to school or they don't. 

  I don't mind at all, lunch time came and I rushed into the cafeteria to sit with Micah for a meal. 

  When I went in there, he was already sitting with his friends, I felt down, what I wanted to tell him, I can't even tell him anything. 

   I gulped as our eyes met and as I gathered up courage to sit with him no matter what, 
   Tk bumped into me and led me to his table where numerous girls sat around the table adding to me. 

   I gulped taking my eyes to Micah's table and he had his eyes on me, 
He will turn my head to himself and then try to force me to be free around him. 

   "Eat up"he will say but that's not why I came here, 
  I made to stand up and go to Micah's side and tell him my mind but I saw a girl walking up to their table and pecked Micha's cheeks. 

   I gulped and clenched my fist, I was way more than angry. 
    I sighed rolling my eyes, 
  I felt so irritated, who's that girl? Why peck him? 

   "Are you okay? You don't look like you want to be around this handsome guy who doesn't make up his face to deceive people"one girl said and I smirked. 

   "She's not here at all"one added and I sighed, 
  I tried to keep my eyes to my table and concentrate on my food but my eyes will never respect itself and stay infront of me. 

  It kept searching for Micah and my head never stopped tilting to his table, 
   Our eyes meeting always gaht me looking away and it won't be up to a few minutes and I will look to his table once again, 

   That girl was still there speaking to him especially, 
  What's happening? Who is she? 

Why can't she live him alone? I wonder if she's flirting with him or just what? 
  I don't think I want to know. 

   I stood up from my table courageously and saw myself walking to his table, 
   I opened my mouth to speak with my eyes all on Micah but someone interrupted me, 

  A bell rang and someone started speaking, 
  "Hey guys! Hey guys! There's going to be a three day camping tomorrow being the beginning of summer!! "He announced and everyone began to shout and jump around the whole place and what I wanted to say was cut short again.... 


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