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🌹🌹Life of a short girl😕🙄

Highschool romance 
Rated 17+

-------Episode Sixty---------

     -------Tom's Pov---------
     🌹Making up their faces🌹 
 I cleared my throat with my eyes on Alicia, 
  "I'm Thompson Karen, but am known for Tk"I said looking at her still, 

She wasn't looking at me but at that guy from the library, she was staring at him and whenever he turns to look at her, she looks away to me and then to that stupid who almost fought me earlier today. 

    I gulped, 
  Does she love that guy? Is that why she told me that we should go back to school?
   "Well urm... "I cleared my throat, 

  "I'm single... "
  "No one asked you that"someone interrupted and the person happened to be that jerk from the library, 

   I scoffed, 
  "Well I was talking to the girls of these class, they should take note just incase I needed a date... Especially you Alicia"I called her name winking and everyone laughed it off. 

  I looked at that guy and the eyes he gave me was really killing, 
  He could kill me with those eyes but I didn't care. 

   The teacher smiled at me, 
  "Have something else to say? "He asked smiling as if he enjoyed my joke, 
  "Well yeah!.... I'm a cool headed person and handsome too.... "

  "Handsome in this class?are we looking for another mr. Handsome apart from our five star angels? "Alicia was the one speaking and everyone murmured, 

   Five star angels? Who the hell are they?   
  I think I can spot them anyway... The one beside her, that guy from the library, the one with extreme pink lips with curly hair sitting so close to that jerk from the library. 

  And one with a red sweater with colorful blue eyes with a blonde hair... And I think another by the right with a girl sitting beside him, 

  They're all extremely cute tho.... I scoffed after my observation, 
  "Is that it? I'm way more cuter than them, they're just making up their faces to school"I replied and it caused a big rule in the class. 

   "What do you mean by that? "One stood up speaking to me angrily and I gave a laugh finally leaving the stage for the teacher. 

  "I'm talking to the five star angels and not you mr., before you pick a fight with me, 
  Or are you one of the five star angels? "

  "Do you need to be told before you see it? "The one with an extreme pink lips cut in glaring at me like am a goddess. 

  I scoffed, 
  "Well, I don't think I can see five star angels in this class, 
  All I see is guys who make up their faces to school! "I replied jumping into my seat which was beside a girl. 

    Murmurs filled the whole class..... 


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