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🌹🌹Life of a short girl😕🙄

Highschool romance 
Rated 17+

-------Episode Sixty-Three--------

     -------Jade's Pov---------
  I was so happy when she said that she loved me. 
   I couldn't hide my joy, 
  "She said that she loves me! "I told my friends and they were so silent looking at me. 

   "Seriously?? "Caleb asked looking at me and I nodded, 
  Teddy shook his head going after Micah who had left, 
Jason did same thing shaking his head at me but Caleb stayed back, 
   "What's wrong? Why is everyone leaving? "I asked and he patted my shoulder. 

  "Jade, "
  "What! "
  He made to speak but then kept quiet, 
  "Just.. Let's go home "he said and then left me behind. 

 What the fuvk is wrong? She chose me! They... She said that she love me! She said that she loved me and Micah was there when she said so. 

     I followed them and soon, I was home. 
  I came in to the house and became the invisible being I used to be. 

  I didn't even speak to my step mom, even those kids at the dining eating with my father wasn't my concern, 

  I only stopped climbing the stairs when my dad called my name:
  "Come here"he said and I walked back to meet him. 

My eyes met my step moms and the kinda gaze I gave her made her look away from me. 
   "Yes?? "
  He dropped his fork and looked up to my face, 
  "Why are you being so cold and scarce in the house nowadays? "He asked me and I scoffed. 

  He noticed at last, he noticed that am not always in the house at last! 
  "You care? I never know that you do"

     "Jade... "My step mom called my name and I felt like bursting up, 
   Several times, I've told her not to butt in each time I'm speaking to my father! 

  What's the big deal about what I told her? 
  "Listen to your father"she said calmly and I scoffed again. 
  "Jade, out with friends again? "My dad asked and I nodded with my hands in my pocket. 

 "Yup! So?? "
  "Jade... "My mom butted in again and I turned to give her a deadly glare, 
   "Its fine sweetie, its fine by me, he's just being kiddie"

  I scoffed, 
  "Sweetie? How many times did you call my mom that before she died? "
  "Jade don't start, you should've gotten used to your step mom by now! "

   "I just asked a question father, why make a huge story out of it? "I asked him and he gulped looking at me..... 


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