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      (Lost in the woods.... Roy's weakness😔



She was extra worried, 
  "Can you get me my food here? I want to eat please"she pleaded while the maid went downstairs to get her her food. 

   She ate slowly and sluggishly, was she that harsh towards him? She shouldn't have pushed him so far away like that! 
  She ate, washed and went out to look out for him, she didn't see him even as the day wore into night, 

  She began to cry, she slept that day without seeing him and it continued that way for almost a week when they barged into each other in the kitchen where he sneaked in to make some food for her. 

  She didn't what to do, be angry with him? Be sad? Be happy or just what? 
   "Have you been okay? "He asked looking at her worn out structure and tears began to steam down her face. 

  She began to hit his chest crying, 
   "Why? Why did you leave me all alone "she sobbed hitting his chest still and he pulled her into a hug. 

  "You told me to get away from you and you didn't want to see me again, so I went away to a place where you won't see my face "

  "I didn't mean that! I didn't mean it Roy! I missed you so much"she cried in his arms, 
  He patted and rubbed her whole back, he missed her too. 

 So much that he came in every night when she is sleeping to come look at her face, 
  "I missed you so much Roy"
  "I missed you too"

  She sobbed still, one week of hell for her. 
  "Its okay, I'm sorry I made you so worried and angry, "
  "No one is watching my bedside each time I wake up in the morning "she said and he was shocked. 

  "You know I always watched you when you are asleep? "
  "I know, I know you always watch and it helps me sleep peacefully and for these past week, no one was there to watch me"

  "I'm so sorry Elena, I will never leave your side again, i will never make you angry again"
  And that's how the fight was forgotten as they lived in peace. 

   One evening, 

They sat hand in hand watching the cool river, 
  He didn't ever stop looking at her, 
   And she loved it whenever their eyes met. 

   She will kiss his lips and then smile at him, 
  "The river is so beautiful and cool"
  "Just like you"he referred kissing her neck and placing his head on her shoulder afterwards. 

    She beamed, 
  "I wish to stay here forever, its like a second home to me now, being by your side is the most amazing feeling ever"

  He chuckled, 
  "I won't let you go either cuz I love you more than you can imagine"
   They beamed and she got up to her feet. 

  "Let's swim! "She announced to him and he shook his head, 
  "No" but it was too late cuz was already pulling off her clothe and standing naked infront of him... 


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