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      (Lost in the woods.... Roy's weakness😔



Next day, 

   She woke up stirred to see Roy by her side, she became angry once more, 
  He smiled to her trying to touch her but she shifted away from him. 

  "Get out! "
  "Why? "
  "Just get out! I don't want to see you! "She yelled and he stood up looking at her, why is she so angry on seeing him? 

   "Your food is in the dining table downstairs"
  "I won't eat"
  "Why? I suffered to make that, at least have a taste of it"
  "I don't want to eat your food!! "

  "Why? "
  "Cuz I'm going to make mine!? "She stepped out of the bed and he grabbed her into a hug, 
  She closed her eyes being on his body with his hands wrapped around her. 

  He's so soft! He's so soft and that's her problem with him! She has a feeling that her is going to hit on them soon and she's going to kill him through her! 

   She's going to bend him to her will through her!! She doesn't want it! He want him to stay strong and say no to some certain demands that she make! 

  She wants him to say no not Yes all the time! And she wants him to minimize the way he ran to her when she gets into trouble!! 
   She wants the part of the Roy she used to know back! The Roy that used to suck her blood was gone!! The Roy that scarred her back is gone! 

  The same Roy that treated her like every other person raw and bloody is gone!! 
  All his reckless and heartless attitude is gone!! 

  He read her thoughts calmly and kissed her head, 
  "I'm sorry Elena"he mumbled and she pushed him away. 
  "Don't touch me!! Don't ever touch me again Roy"

  "Elena"he was at the edge of tears as she spoke to him like that, his heart was breaking so much as he looked into her eyes and mind to see that she meant those words she said. 

  "Just go away"she uttered going into the bathroom to take a bath, 
  He tried to breath but can't! His heart was in shambles. 

   He stood, he didn't move easily and when he did, he left the house. 
  She didn't want to see him and he's going to make sure that she doesn't see him if that's what will make her happy. 

  The day wore in and he wasn't yet back, she searched for him and he wasn't around anywhere, 
 She was scared, he might've taken her words so serious again. 

  "Have you seen Roy today? "She asked everyone who by passed her from time to time, 
  "No"will be an answer she keeps recieving from everyone. 

   Night came and she's yet to see him, she couldnt sleep knowing that Roy wasn't yet back. 
  She missed him, 

The next morning, she was weak, she couldn't get up from the bed, 

  She tried to but can't, maids that came in to prepare the bathroom for use was questioned by her. 

  "Did you see Roy? "
  "Yes "
She sprang up immediately hearing that they had seen him, 
  "He came to prepare food and then left again "

  "You mean he left again! To where?? "She asked deeply worried.... 

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