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      (Lost in the woods.... Roy's weakness😔



  He panicked when she didn't stir on the ground. 
  He bent touching her arm and she let out a groan. 
      "Are you okay? "He asked while she managed to get up. 

  "Are you okay? "He asked again and she nodded smiling, 
  "I told you, we can't fight else I will end up killing you"he told her but her head twirled as she tried to steady her balance and fell in to his arms the next minute. 

     "Elena! Elena!! Elena!!! "He carried her rushing to his chambers where he laid her on the bed, 
  "Elena"he shook her again so scared that she might die. 

  "Guards!! Guard!! You!!! Go get my doctor now!! "
  He hurried off and came back with the doctor few minutes later, 

   "Doctor she fell down and... "He spoke really scared and he was surprised to see the Roy he always feared acting so scared about someone. 

   He rushed to Elena and eximed her, 
  "She's fine, she fainted, she will wake up any minute from now, she just needs rest and that's all"

 He said and he breathed out going over to her side as the doctor left, 
  He held her palm into hers and kissed her knuckles. 

  "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry Elena"he mumbled half closing his eyes and opened them to see Elena staring at him smiling. 

  "Were you that scared? "She asked and he gasped giving her a hearty hug, 
  "I thought I had lost you"he mumbled hugging her harder, 

  "You shouldn't have asked me to fight you"
  "You will still fight me no matter what Roy"
  He shook his head fearing the worst. 

  "Am someone you have to overcome, "
  "Am scared of hurting you... "
 "And that's what my mom is going to use against you! Me!! Your worst fear! And that person is me!! "

  "I don't care"
  "Then you will die and leave me all alone in this harsh world isn't it? "She asked and he gulped. 
  "Elena I can't fight you"
  "You have to Roy! You really have to! 

  Am someone you cannot touch, I'm some one whom no one can joke with, Roy you've become too soft for my liking! Everyone can harm you now all because of me!! 

  Act out! Fight me! If you can... "
  "You will get injured! "
  "Exactly! Fight it all out with me, I will endure... "
  "And a throw from me got you on the ground, fainting afterwards, Elena I don't care if... "

  "Get out of my sight! "She interrupted shouting at him with anger written all over her face. 
 "Elena... "
  "Just go!! I don't want to see you!! Go!! Leave!!!! "She yelled and yelled while he left his room for her. 

🗣Are they fighting? 
🗣Am heading their voice, 
🗣If I were her, I'd be angry for throwing me to the ground like a garbage. 

  "Hey all of you!! "Roy turned aggressively to all of them, 
  They went calm but that's not what Roy wanted, 
  "Get our of here all of you!!! I said get out or you want to see what I can do!! "He screamed and everyone ran to their safety... 


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