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      (Lost in the woods.... Roy's weakness😔



   She bent down and took off her shoes and matched on the smooth grass raising up her dress a bit so she won't step on them. 

   "Are you going to be okay without your shoes? "He asked looking at her walking cautiously towards him, 
  "I'm fine"she replied now standing infront of him. 

She pushed him slightly and he stepped back, 
  "What are you doing Elena? "He asked and she smirked, 
  "I want you to fight me"

  "No, I can't! I can't fight you"
  She frowned, "you have no choice than to fight me"she said giving him a punch on his face, 

  His eyes went to her face to know if this is a play or not, 
  "Fight me"she said coming close to him while he kept stepping back, 
   "I can't Elena, I might injure you"

  "You think you can injure me? "She jumped up giving him a flying kick before she could land on her legs again and he almost lost his balance. 

🗣What's wrong with the both of them? 
🗣Is that some play or prank? 

  They stopped what they were doing looking at the both of them, 
   "Elena stop! "
  "Its gonna be fun, I want you to fight me"she was dead serious. 

  "No! I won't! "
  She heaved, she really want him to do so else he won't be able to face her mom and she clearly knows that sooner or later, her mom will come for him. 

  And she might come through her, 
  She knows that she's his weakness, she might hurt him because of her. 
   "I want you to fight me and I won't stop until you can! "She screamed slapping him on his neck with her leg. 

  "Arggh! "He yelled in pain as it really got to him, 
  "Elena what's wrong with you? I won't fight you"
 "And I won't stop hitting you until you fight back! "She fired throwing a punch to him but he blocked it with his two hands crossed together protecting his face. 

🗣 Huh! 
🗣He's not even fighting back after she had been doing to him! 
🗣She's going to die if he dares touch her. 
🗣But what are they saying? 

   She smirked, 
  "Fight back! "
  "Why? "
  "If you don't fight back i will hit you until you're able to! "
  "Why do you want to fight me? "

  "Are you asking a fighter her reason for fighting? "She asked hitting him on his head stylishly even before he could dodge it. 

  "Elena stop! "He screamed not touching her still, 
  "I won't! Fight back!!! "
  He looked at him and in a flash he held her with her back pressed against him while he held her two hands with one of his hands. 
   "Why do you want to fight me? "
   "Cuz if you can't fight me, you won't be able to face my mother! She's going to come for you!! She said she will come for you and you can't even fight me! 

  So you can't even face her!! I'm her bait!! She's going to use me to get you and you can't even let me go when the time comes!! 

 Fight back"she yelled at him giving him an ankle punch and he let her go groaning, 
  "Fight back!!!? "She yelled hitting him on his head but he dodged flinging her to the floor and everyone gasped.... 


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