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      (Lost in the woods.... Roy's weakness😔



  She weaved the both sides of his hair and then began to pack all of them into a huge pony tail at the center of his head. 

 She loved the flexible and blonde nature of his hair, soon she was done, 
  "Ta-da! Done! "She said and he sprang up rushing to the mirror to look at himself. 

   He gasped at what he saw on his head, 
  A new being! He is handsome!!
   She stood behind him, 
  "Looking so handsome right? "She asked and he beamed kissing her lips passionately. 

   "I love it! Its so beautiful!! "He yelled happily as he broke off from the kiss, 
  "I know you will love it"she replied as he kept admiring the hair. 

   "Thanks so much"he appreciated and she smiled harder at him, 
  "Its okay as long as you love it"


   He was out training himself in the field, 
   He tried out his new skills on fighting, 
He took off his shirt practicing harder and harder till he was sweating, 

🗣Its been long I saw those beautiful body of his. 
🗣Only one person enjoys him. 
🗣He's really handsome. 

  The workers stood watching him showing off in field fighting and punching into the air, to some force which only him can see. 

🗣I like that! 
🗣Is that what you were asked to do!!... Someone yelled from behind them and they all scurried away to their places of assignment. 

   He rested for a while touching his hair over and over again smiling before he resumed practicing while Elena was inside looking for him everywhere in the house, 

  "Have you seen Roy? "She asked a group of maids when she walked past them, 
    "No, I haven't"they replied and she walked past them going to a group of guards infrony of her. 

  "Have you seen Roy? "She asked but their surprise was how she called his name out like he was some casual person to them. 

  "You mean master Roy? "One asked and she nodded, 
  "Yes, master Roy "
  "I saw him walk out through the exit door"
  "Okay thanks "she left them and they looked at her until she went out through the exit door. 

   🗣 Did you see that? 
🗣How she called his name? 
🗣Roy... Like she really did call him like that. 
🗣Don't dare try calling him same way or you want to lose your head . 

   They shrugged... 

She walked to a group of workers working on the flowers and plants, 
  "Excuse me"she beckoned to one of them, 

  she looked up and genuflected a bit, 
  "Did you see Roy? "She asked and she nodded, 
  "Where? "
  "He's at the field over there"she pointed to where he was . 

  She saw him over there and she didn't hesitate rushing into the field, 
   She stopped when she was few feet away from him in the field. 

  He haven't seen her yet but he could feel the strong scent of het body smell and blood so he turned to see her looking at him. 

  She smiled as her eyes dropped to his hard chest and then his stomach, 

   "Never knew you can fight "she said coming close to him and he smiled so happy that he made an impression on her... 


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