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      (Lost in the woods.... Roy's weakness😔



 He didn't stop looking at her face, her long hair which was left unpacked and which dropped to every side of her shoulders partly showing off her neck sides. 

    He smiled admiring how lovely her neck was until his mind went to how he had been sucking blood out of her through those necks he had been admiring. 

  He frowned diverting his gaze to her head again and then to her feet meeting his eyes with her long toes and then his gaze traveled again to her hand which held his. 

  He was grateful that she was here again, what would he have done without her? 
   His concentration and distraction seems to be her and nobody else. 

   He sat her down carefully on the chair as they reached the dining room, 
   He gave her the spoon and she began to eat. 

  "How is it? "He asked as she kept eating without looking up to look at him, 
   Is she that hungry? Oh, he remember her telling him how she had been suffering so she might not have had any good food for a while now. 

  He rubbed her head as she ate until everything was empty on the plate, 
   "That was the best soup I've ever had! "She screamed and his face heat up again blushing real hard. 

  Yes, he had heard plenty compliments from the maids about his food but her own compliment seem so special and shaky. 

Even his heart raced faster watching so happy about the food, 
  "You're such a great cook Roy"
  He couldn't speak, just smiles and smiles, 

  She stretched out her hand and held his jaw touching it just the way a mom does to a child when the child did something commendable. 

  "From now onward, you will be cooking for the whole house"she said un seriously but Roy nodded taking it what she said serious. 

  "I will"he replied her and she stood up going back to her room while Roy followed her, 
   By the time he came into her room, she was sitting down on her bed. 

  She smiled when he saw him, she beckoned to him to come closer, 
 He did and she told him to sit down on the floor infront of her. 

  He did and her hands came to his shoulders, 
  He loved it, he never knew he could be tamed into being a good vampire until he met this girl. 

 A girl whom he's trying so hard to impress, 
   A girl who says words that he wants to believe, he wants to carry out and he wants to be loyal to. 
   Whether she lies or says the truth, loves him or not, 

  He's still going to love her, want her,need her, miss her so much no matter what, 
   She bent her face lower and pecked his cheeks. 

  "I want to help you make your hair"she said loosing up the style he did, he looked up to her face, 
  "Are you going to help me make my hair? "He asked getting over excited that she's touching his hair. 

  "Yes, I'm going to style it so well in a way that you will like it"she told him already set to work while he beamed with his heart still racing much harder than normal.... 


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