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      (Lost in the woods.... Roy's weakness😔



  "Here clear the whole kitchen, I need to make some food "he thundered as he came into kitchen filled with maids and servants on duty. 

  They began to clear everything, the dirty plates were washed, the whole pot, spoons were taken care of, 
   The whole thing in the kitchen turned out clean. 

So clean before they all left the kitchen except for the chief cook who always stayed by his side whenever he wanted to make a meal since he's not yet an expert in cooking. 

   One hour later, 

 The food was ready, he tasted the soup and invited everyone to take a taste of it starting from the Chief cook. 

🗣Hmmmmm... Yummy, 
  He smiled, it really came from her mind... Which means he's becoming a better cook. 

🗣Wow! Its so delicious, 
🗣Mmmmmmmh... Amazing! 
🗣He's becoming a great cook, 

   He smiled at all of them before serving out on a plate and then carried it to the dining room where Elena will eat when she comes out. 

 He climbed upstairs to fetch her, 
🗣Look at him, 
🗣Almost a maid for her, 
🗣I've never seen him so serious like this in the whole of my life that I knew him. 
🗣I just wish she doesn't run away again, 

🗣Yes, she shouldn't, else he won't be able to live with it. 
🗣He likes her so much. 
🗣 will you stop gossiping!!!... The chief cook yelled and they all dispersed to their various work positions. 

   He met her halfway getting into her dress, 
   She turned when she heard footsteps only to see Roy smiling at her, 

   The first impression that came to her mind that instant was his long hair, she didn't look at him very well earlier so she didn't notice the new style at which he gave his hair. 

   He smiled harder reading her thoughts, 
  "Here, help me with my zip, it won't go up and it won't go down either"she said turning her back to him to help her in or out of that dress. 

    He stood behind her and his eyes caught her back, her soft and the line that ran from her the center of her neck to her waistline stood out looking so gorgeous, 

  How smooth her back was, he ached to touch them in his hands if not that his eyes went to the scar on her back, he frowned at it and then zipped her up almost immediately. 

  "Done"he said and she turned smiling at him, 
  "Thanks "she replied going into his arms once more, 
  He gulped as his heart raced faster, 

  "Your heart is beating so hard"she uttered as she placed her head on his chest noticing the beating of his heart, 

   "It beats so violent for you"
  She beamed closing her eyes a bit, 
  "Did you cook? "She asked and he nodded looking down to her face, 
  "Yes, I did"

  "You reek of kitchen"she cackled saying, 
  "Does it smell so bad? "He asked and she shook her head, 
  "I love every of your body smell"she replied and he nodded like a child. 

Acting like a child all the time infront of her is something he can't say how it happened, 
  "Come have your food, its downstairs in the dining table 'he located and she nodded taking hold of his palm into hers. 

  He was surprised as his face heated up again, she was holding hands with him?.... 


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