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      (Lost in the woods.... Roy's weakness😔



Roy's doom have already been signed through her daughter, he let go off the sword in her arms and laughed harder. 
  "What's wrong? "Calvan asked seeing her laughing and she shook her head, 
  "Let her be, just let her be, he's making a big catch for me Calvan"

  "What do you mean by that? "He asked and she smirked, 
  "Nothing, just let's go and have some breakfast "
     Roy smiled seeing her next to him again, 
  She had been sleeping all day and all night even today, she was still sleeping. 

 What she said yesterday about love kept ringing in his mind. He touched the whole of her face with his fingers and she creased up her face a little before fluttering her eyes open.

   She beamed at the face staring at him, 
   "Are you okay? "He asked and she flung herself into him, 
  "He wrapped his hands around her and she felt secured.  

   "You're so warm Roy "she complimented half closing her eyes, 
   He smiled broadly, if only she knew how long he had been waiting for this moment. 

How long he waited at her bedside, 
    "I missed you so much"he mumbled and she cackled taking off her head from his shoulder. 

   "I missed you so much more, I felt so unwanted there and everyone treated me the way they wanted and I never stopped thinking about how you treated me"she sobered but he was close enough to cheer her up. 

  "You told me you will get married "he kinda asked and she scoffed, 
  "I never knew my mom was such a devil, she had the guts to marry... To marry... I don't want to talk about it cuz it breaks my heart so much each time I think about it. "

  He pulled her closer to himself until she was able to lean her head on his shoulder, 
  "I never knew my mom was a beast... "She muttered while he squeezed her palm into his. 

  "You need to get a bath and I have got it prepared for you by myself, and then good clothes and they are over there... "He pointed to a direction of the wardrobe "and some food"

  "You prepared a bath for me? "She asked surprised and he nodded, 
  "Is it bad? You always prepared baths for me or didn't you? "

  She fell into his arms once again, its becoming her addiction, being in his soft huge body always gave her comfort,made her feel secured and made feel so warm. 

   "Thank you Roy"she mumbled before Roy scooped up her and headed for the bathroom where she will take her bath. 

  "I will go make some food for you"he said before she close the door, but she did none of that, 
  She pulled him closer and kissed him on his lips, 

    She disengaged afterwards looking at his face as red as it had become, 
  She smiled before closing the bathroom, 

   He held his lips, he's not going to do anything with it today, she kissed him! Oh my!! He held his burning cheeks galloping to the kitchen to make some food for her.... 


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