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      (Lost in the woods.... Roy's weakness😔



   "My queen! "
  "My queen! "
 The guard panted as he shouted her name but she wasn't waking up, 

 Calvan emerged, 
  "What's it? Why are you disturbing the peace of this whole place? "He asked and the guard genuflected in greeting before giving out his shocking announcement. 

  "My king, the princess escaped! "
  Calvan slapped him, 
  "What did you just say? "He asked him, 
  "The... Princess escaped"he slapped him again getting angry, 

  "Where are you when she escaped! You mean to tell me that she overpowered you all? You mean that more than a thousand armies guarding the palace suddenly became powerless to the extent that she killed all of them and made her way out of the palace? Huh!!! "He raged and those shouts woke the queen from her long sweet sleep. 

  She rubbed her eyes and then got down from the bed, 
  She held her robe belt and tied it into a knot so as to cover her nakedness being only dressed in that robe. 

  She came out to see Calvan yelling in so much rage for a guard, 
  "What's wrong? "
  "My queen"Calvan turned to her still angry, 

  'What's wrong? "She asked again as she stood beside him looking at the guard. 
  "The princess escaped "Calvan broke the news and she went numb. 

   She grabbed Calvan's sword due to anger and cut the guard down, 
  This can't be true.. Her end is near if she really went into the woods again, her end is near. 

  She rushed out deeply angry, how can she have many guards and yet, a woman not even a man escapes their sight. 

  "How dare you!! "She will scream as she walked past every guard cutting them down from side to side. 

   "How dare you lose her!! All of you will surely die by my sword!! All of you!!! "She screamed harder cutting and slashing their tummies while they groaned and cried before dropping to the ground dead. 

  Calvan ran after her else she will kill off everyone, 
   "My queen stop! "He grabbed her when he ran up to her at last, 
  "Let me go! How can they lose her? How? How can they do such a thing? "

  "I won't until the last of them drops dead"
  "All we can do now is to lead them into the woods and catch her! "Calvan suggested and it seemed like its a better idea. 

 Killing them is wasting their life, there's something more than killing them which is luring them into the woods where they would be killed by Roy. 

     And they or one of them might probably get Elena back for her, she can't let her go like that else she's going to kill her in collision with her worst enemy and she can't wait to cut him down with her own hands. 


 Hold on, no! Its good! Its good having Elena there, with the way Elena always defended him, and what she smelled around her, she's not suffering and probably well taken care of by him. 

Which means that Roy might be in love with her daughter,... She began to laugh, Roy just signed his death warrant for loving her daughter.... 

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