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      (Lost in the woods.... Roy's weakness😔



 "What do you think you're doing mom? "
  "Taking you out for some fun"she giggled as they opened the dungeon and took hold of her. 

 "Let me go!!! "
  "No they won't until you come to your senses and be your mother's side instead on Roy's, take her away and to the local market! 

  I want her tied to that evil tree so that they would fling all their misfortunes to her face"
  "Mother! "
  "You deserve it my daughter, for your good, show the world that you're a fox blood"

  "I shouldn't have come back here in the first place, "she regretted, 
  "Awwn, daughter you never knew that life here has changed "
She was led away amidst her struggles, 

  "Let me go!! "She kept shouting until she was dragged to the local market and tied to the tree. 
   🗣Huh! Princess Elena on a evil tree, 
🗣This wicked Elena... 

  Everyone began to haul insults at her, throwing spoilt fruits and items to her face. 
   She thought she could bear it but after sometime she broke down in tears crying. 

   She shouldn't have come here in the first place, it was a bad idea to come here. 
   Cuz everything changed so much since she left. 

  Her father the king gone forever, her mom a nine tailed fox, her bethroted married to her mother. 
  What more is in store for her here? 
   Looking at the angry faces infront of her hauling insults at her;
🗣She is the reason my child died! 
🗣I can't forget the day she slapped me for pleading with her to free my daughter. 

🗣Thank God, the queen came to know whom she is. 
🗣She's a witch! Cuz no one goes to that evil woods and comes back alive safe and sound! 

   And throwing things at her, injuring her and scraping her skin, she realized that if she was in the woods, no one dares touch her and goes scot-free. 

   Roy isn't wicked... She told herself looking ay everyone acting out their anger on her, 
   If Roy was here, all their heads would've been gone! 

   She missed him, she now understood the value of him, how is he now? Is he okay? 
   She now understood the meaning of what he said;

    "When you go home, everything is going to be so changed and I know you will come back to me"

   "You will come back when you understand what I've been telling you"

She's going to go back... She can't stay here, she doesn't belong her at all, not anymore. 
  Not like in the past, 

   She missed him so much, like an imagination... She recalled his long hair packed to one side with his eyes and lips parted looking at his. 

 Back then when they were in the library while she was reading for him, 
   How she had woke up one morning to see him watching over her. 

   How he never allows anyone hurt her for any reason at all, how he had cut someone's feet for her sake for pulling at her hair. 

  Roy had been such a wonderful someone towards her, she's the one who's hating the wrong person all these time. 
  He acted out of anger and hatred for her mother who's a beast in human clothing. 

  She's going to pay her back in her coin... She resolved looking up to behold her mother standing infront of her.... 


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