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      (Lost in the woods.... Roy's weakness😔



"I won't kill you, I won't kill my own blood "she said smiling to her while she kept yelling. 
  "You can't kill me? "She cackled asking, 
  "Yes I won't and I can't! "

  "I will have no choice but to kill you myself Mom, an ungrateful fox like you! 
  Why did you kill his father? Why do I feel like you killed my own father just to marry my own man! 

 A sacrilege!! Evil fox!! That's what you're cuz you're not a woman! Why didn't I know about you earlier? 
  Fate led into that woods to know about you... "

  "What happened to your back? "She asked interrupting her, 
  "What happened? "She cackled again looking at her mother with utmost hate in her eyes. 

  "What you did to Roy, he's trying to pay you back! "
  "And he smeared your back in a bid to pay me back? "She laughed but really hurt that Roy would do this to her daughter because of her. 

  She might've done many evil things but her daughter, she doesn't joke with her even though she ended up locking her up for knowing what she's not supposed to know. 

  She still like and love her cuz she never though that she a fox, can ever mother a child. 
   She is the only fruit of her womb, 

   "Yes! You are an evil one else Roy won't have come for you "
  "Why did he allow you come back to me when he knows so much that I won't allow you in there again? "
  "Do you think am not going to go back there? "

  She frowned, 
  "What! "
  "Exactly! I'm going to go back there "
  She smiled, she knows what's wrong here, 
  "Don't tell me you fell for his pretty face, he's more than a hundred years old if you want to know"

  "And you are not any less than that or are you? "
  They stopped for sometime glaring at each other, 
  "Look Elena, no matter how you see it, I'm your mother and you're a fox blood like me and its high time you show off your magical skills, 

Make me a proud mother! "
  "You? I have magical skills? "She asked herself looking at herself, 
  "Yes, don't you know? You're fox blood and I think its going to be in use cuz no how.... There's no way Roy didn't suck your blood"

  She gulped, 
  "How did you know? "
  "That's the same thing, his stupid grandfather did to me and that resulted into the birth of his father with a special and trait coming from my own blood. 

  He sucked my blood , I won't ever forget that and Roy... I'm coming for him even if its a thousand years, I will make him pay for this scratch... "She opened a side of her hand. 

   "I will make him pay for this deep wound on my flesh"
   Elena was quiet, something seemed entangled now, 
  "You mean, his grandfather... So you've lived for more than three hundred years?! "She asked gasping. 

  "Yes "she nodded smiling, 
  "And you will live more than me Elena, "she cackled. 
  "What! "
  "Yes, you're one heck of a child in you, a trace of goblin in you, royalty, plenty and bountiful of Fox and a touch of human from your dad. 

  You will live longer than anyone on earth"she explained to her and she fell to the floor trembling, 
  "I hate you mom"
  "You can hate me but this is whom you're "

  "I won't stop hunting you mother until I kill you"
  "Get out of this dungeon first, guards!!! "
She called onto the guards.... 


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