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 .    💀VAMPIRE'S 


      (Lost in the  woods.... Roy's weakness😔



 She gasped trying to keep a steady gaze at her but couldn't. 
   Elena smirked, 
  Roy was right afterall, 
  "Roy? Who's Roy? "

She asked in pretense and she scoffed, 
  "Don't act smart for me now mother, I doubted him when he told me about you, your big portrait inside... "

  She gasped hearing PORTRAIT from her lips, so she knows everything? 
  "I've been quiet for the last seven days that am here, watching you and I see that you changed so much! 

  You didn't give me any impression that shows me that you're not what people say you're, 
   You're not of this world... "

  She gasped as she kept talking, Elena turned to the door and locked it up just in case anyone shows up, 
  "Elena... "
  "Don't call my name mother, you fox! "

  She gulped, she called her name! She began to shake terribly as she began to transform and everywhere shook terribly. 

   The whole lights went off, everything changed and rain began to fall, 
   Soon, she stood with her tails dimming blue light in the whole room. 

   Elena gasped, she looked exactly like that picture she saw in the room, 
 "Oh bless the Gods!! "She shouted closing her mouth and falling to the floor. 

 She was scared stiff, she didn't move and not long, she fainted. 
   Roy heaved looking about the woods, everyone left the whole  house because of him, 

   The whole house activities is done now outside the palace, feast everywhere around just because Roy left the palace and had been sleeping out for the past seven days. 

   He doesn't even seem to get tired at all and he's willing to stay longer, 
  Something deeply tells him that she's going to come back to him alone. 

 He can't wait cuz this seven days seemed like long seven years for him. 
  He missed her so much! 

  At least her face alone will make his beating heart come at peace with him once more. 

  🗣Roy has never been like this for someone before, 
🗣And he looked nicer now than before, 
🗣I never wished that someday I'm going to stay so close to him without getting scared. 

🗣All thanks to Elena then, 
🗣That girl's extreme beauty charmed him so much despite that she's of royal blood. 
🗣I like the way she made Roy to be like. 

🗣So cools and nice. 
🗣He can't harm us when she's around. 
🗣Stop talking! He can hear us!! 

  He smirked enjoying whatever they said about him, he really missed and loved her at same time. 
  "When is she going to come? Tomorrow? The next? The next one? "He asked himself.... 
   She woke up startled to see herself in a dungeon, 
  "What am I doing here? "She asked herself but got no reply from anyone until she saw her own motger advance towards her. 

  "I locked you up coz its seems like you know too much already"she said when she came close to her. 
  "Mother, are you scared that I know your secret now? 

What you did to Roy? What you did to the woods and the reason you told me when I was much younger to never go to the woods!!  Huh!! 

Are you scared that I know your worst secrets!! "
  "Stop talking Elena! Or am going to kill you with my own hands!! "

  "What are you waiting for nine-tailed fox!! Kill me off right away!!! I hate you for being my mother!! 

Kill me!!! Kill me!!! "


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