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      (Lost in the woods.... Roy's weakness😔


Something is wrong with her daughter, she is not like she used to be. 
  Apart from marrying her Calvan, something else is so new about her. 

  She noticed that she wakes up much more earlier than other people, cooks the meal for the house, get everywhere clean... She doesn't act so royally like she used to. 

   She does all odd jobs and act all local like an ordinary which got her scared. 
  She might've met Roy in some way but she was too afraid to ask her that not now that she's not in the mood to speak to anyone. 

     She watched her take care of the horses and everything in the royal compound and watched her dress up so locally and told the maids and guards not to follow her that she's okay on her own. 

   She watched her hair so tied up in a local way, she watched her foot wears so poor! 
  What happened to her daughter? What that goblin told her came in a flash in her mind. 

  *your daughter will be the one to kill you! *
  She clenched her fist and Calvan caught her all worried, 
  "What's wrong? "He asked kissing her face and she sighed. 
  "Don't you think that Elena is a little bit changed? "
  "Yes, she's changed and I like it"
  She smiled at his answer and then heaved, 
  "I want you to follow her for me please "

  "Okay, anything for you my lady"he honored her with a bow and then strolled of the castle trailing Elena. 

  She walked briskly to the Poseidon's sanctuary and the priest poured some holy oil on her head. 
  This wasn't her first time coming here since seven days that she arrived home. 

  She walked into the sanctuary and then found her way in her fathers lying chambers , 
 She fell down beside his tomb and began to weep. 

  "Father, my heart is breaking so much,"she sobbed harder and Calvan came by the door peeping and looking at her, 

  "I don't know what's wrong but I... I lost everything! I wasn't there for you, 
  I won't lie but I felt safer in the woods for some reasons which I came to know when I stepped my feet into this land once more... "She cried. 

  She recalled how Roy watched over her all night without blinking his eyes to sleep, how he treated her every night. 

 How he made meal for her and his cute face. 
  His smiling and laughing face. The near ness of his body to hers when he taught her how to play the violin. 

  The sweet smell of his long hair and how he turned and listened to every thing she told him. 

 And how he always treated her tenderly even after what he did to her at first. 
  "Father, I am so heartbroken and the fact that I can't see you again makes me feel so lonely in this world "

  Looking at her sternly, he wondered why he felt so bad becuase she's crying over a tomb, why is he so sad and heart broken on seeing her tears but he can't place his hands on what went wrong. 

  Several hours later, 
 She went home and straight to her mother's room, 
   "Mother, "she called and she looked up to her face. 

  "Yes?? "
  "Someone asked me to greet you"
  "Who? "
  "Roy"she blurted and she watched the countenance of her mom change, 

 It was true afterall... 


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