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      (Lost in the woods.... Roy's weakness😔


  "I and Calvan are married... We fell in love being the only one alone after his mom died, 

  We got married and he's the king and am the queen"she said to her daughter. 
   Elena wasn't shocked, she wasn't angry neither did she betray any emotions. 

 She felt everything wasn't real, maybe she didn't come of the woods but came into another world where people who looked like her family acted like one. 

  "I love your mother so from now onward, see me as your step-father... "
  "I forbid you to say that to me Calvan! What are you saying? Did you even think of it before vomiting those words to me? "She bursted up all of a sudden. 

Hatred built up inside her, hatred for her mom and then Calvan and even herself for missing everything up to now! 

   She was bitter, her heart shattered, she never slept for a day in the woods without thinking of this bastard who married her own mother! 

What the hell is going on? How can? How can her mother do this to her?  
   Maybe Roy was right afyerall. Maybe Roy was right all along. 

  "Mother... "
  "I'm sorry daughter but I thought you won't make it out there alive" 
  "All you think for me was death! And that's why you married my own bethrote? 

  Mother, even if you're going to marry someone, why him? Why someone this young? "
  "Don't point at me like that Elena! I love your mother! "
  "don't say those to me again Calvan! You told me that you loved me! "
  "When? "He asked surprised, he can't remember telling Elena those words. 

  "You said it to me! Gods!! "She ran away crying, she ran into her room. 
  Nothing changed her things were just as it were before. 

 Something seemed wrong, she felt like she doesn't belong here, Roy might be right. 
  She is going to go back to him, she's got to go. 

  She doesn't seem to be here, everything seemed cold and not as lively as before. 
  She is not going to live forever near her mother and bethrote else she's goibg to have a heart attack one day. 

  She can't and she won't! She gulped hard crying, 
   She missed everything around here and she longed for home, she came home and she seemed like she want to go back . 

 That's her place, being a maid, a commoner or not. Her place was in the woods and not here, Roy might be so right about whom her mom is and she's going to find out what she's hiding away for so long away from her. 
    "Sir, are you going to stay here all day? "A maid asked after waiting for him to come home and eat his meal but he wasn't coming. 

  "I don't want to. I want to watch the woods starting from today"
  "Sir, you are not watching the woods but probably the path between the outside world and the wood... "
  "Are you flouting my orders and words? "He asked frowning at her and she shook her head running off afterwards, 
  He heaved when she was gone. 

  He wished she was Elena, he so much wished to see her smile again for him, 
   He heaved... He had every opportunity to be with her but his grumpiness and bad attitude won't let him. 

 Now she's gone! He's going to miss her, he is already missing her.... 


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