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      (Lost in the woods.... Roy's weakness😔


"My queen! "

  "My queen"
"My queen"
"My queen"
"My queen"

    She stirred and rose up to know who was calling her name in such a hurry manner. 
  "My queen! "She spotted the guard panting. 

  With the expression and looks on his face, it smelled like something really rare is happening. 

   "My queen! "
  "what's it? What's wrong? "She asked, 
  "The princess "he said pointing, 
  "Princess?? "

  "Yes princess Elena is here! "
  She gasped covering her mouth, 
  "What! You mean... "
  "Yes! She's in the palace right now! "

  "Oh my!!" She hopped out of the bed, "and Calvan? "
  "There with her! "
 "Are you sure? Is she okay? How is she like? "
  She asked hurrying out of the room... 

   Elena looked around the whole palace and then at the whole little crowd formed beside her. 

🗣She's a ghost! 
🗣I can't believe that's Elena! 
🗣Bless the Gods! 
🗣I thought she's dead already. 

🗣This is strange. 
  She saw Calvan and beamed. 
 She rushed to him and tried hugging him but he halted her in the air. 

  "Calvan, where's my father? I can't find him around here"she asked smiling at him but the cold looks he gave her told her that he was still angry with her. 

  She sighed trying to hold him but he stepped back a bit, 
  "Calvan I know I did something wrong to you, to my dad, my mom and the... "

  She saw her mom coming and she beamed rushing to her, she hugged her tenderly. 
  "Mother I missed you so much! I missed you so so much! "She said hugging her still. 

  She had cast whatever thing Roy told her to the air, seeing her mom seem to melt everything Roy said to her into the air. 

 It never made sense at all now as she held onto her mother, 
   "My daughter "she mumbled really cold and surprised to see her. 

  "How have you been? "She asked her afterwards and she nodded her head. 
  "I'm good mother, I'm so sorry I left! Life had been so hard without you guys! 

  I will never rub away from home again! I will never run away from home... I promise! 
  Where's father? "She asked and the queen smiled sadly. 

  "He's gone"
  "Gone?? To where? "
  "He's dead"she stated clearly and her joyful face turned sour as she turned to look at Calvan. 

  "Is that true? "
  "Yes princess, he died few months back, "
  She fell to the floor crying, 
  She didn't get the chance to say sorry to her father. 

 For disagreeing with him, for running away from him all because he wanted the best for her and that's why her life have been so messed up since then. 

  She began to cry, 
  "I'm so sorry father, I didn't even see you till the day you went to the underworld. 
  I didn't get to see you again, I'm so sorry father "

 "Where's his tomb? "She looked asking the both of them and Calvan spoke up, 
  "Poseidon's sanctuary "
  "Oh, I need to go see him "she said hurrying up on her feet but her mother's words cut her short. 

  "You can do that later, now we've to celebrate you with my new husband "she said smiling and holding Calvan's hands into hers. 

  She was confused, 
    "What do you mean by that? Holding hands? "She asked looking at them and Calvan smiled kissing her mom in her presence.... 


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