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      (Lost in the woods.... Roy's weakness😔



She gasped, 
  He stepped closer to her and she stepped back, 
  "Stay where you're, don't come near me! Don't make me more scared of whom I am! "She yelled at him and he stopped coming towards her. 

    "That's what you're, a half breed, that's why I hated you! I never wanted you around me, 

 I wanted you to die, I wanted your mom to pay for what ever thing she did to me through you but... I... I couldn't keep up with it... I... He sobered and she began to cry. 

 She was scared. Why is she knowing of it now?she should've known earlier and not now. 
   "I think I'm in love with you, I want to be with you, each day, I find out that am being so drawn to you, 

  I want you to be mine but... "
 "I want to go home! Take me home now! Please!! I need to be home now!! "She yelled and he shut the hell up looking at her. 

  "I don't... "
  "I want to go home! I want to see if my mom is what you said she is"
  His face fell seeing the seriousness written all over her face. 

  "I'm.... Don't go away"he pleaded but she didn't want to hear that, she's so super confused. 
  He saw that nothing will make her change her mind not, 

  "I will take you home "he breathed out really sad, he's going to miss her, everything about her especially the scent of her fresh washed hair. 

   "Now! "She yelled and he nodded, 
  "Follow me and I will lead you out of the woods"
  She did and after a long walk of an hour, 

  She saw the way out! Something she had been searching for months stood in front of her, 
   She began to have double minds, 

  Will she really go? She's already adapted to the life here, what's gonna happen to her out there? 
   What if everything he said is true? 

 She's going to miss him especially the night guard he always serve in her room. 

She's going to miss everything about him, 
   She looked back and saw him standing there, 
   She smiled, 

   "Thanks for everything, the good and the bad did to me taught me great things that I won't ever forget"she said smiling and he nodded. 

  "Will you ever come back here? "He asked and she smirked. 
  "I will, someday if everything turns out fine"
  "You will come back, by the time you know the kind of mom that you have. 

  I will always be here waiting for you, waiting for the day you will come back to me"he said and she was puzzled. 

   "I'm going to get married when I get out of here "she told him and his face fell the more, 
  He nodded in pain as his heart shattered in pieces. 

  His princess is gone, gone and gone! 
   "I can give you a hug"she suggested and he nodded. 
  She came closer to him and hugged him. 

  He gasped and held onto her so dearly, 
   He wished that this moment will last forever but it was short lived when she disengaged from him. 

  "Bye! "She waved and then disappeared out of the woods. 


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