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      (Lost in the woods.... Roy's weakness😔



She shivered looking out for the big giant portrait and it scared her the more, 
Why does the face look so much like her mom's? 

  She tried touching it and that's when a hand held hers, 
 She jerked in fear and turned to see Roy standing behind her. 

  "Don't touch it"he said and she gasped, 
  "Are they gone? "She asked and he nodded his head. 
  "It was some vampires, they wanted to know what you were doing deep inside their domain"

  "Oh"she nodded her head letting go the topic and then turning her gaze to the portrait, 
  "The face looks so much like my mom's "

  He smirked, 
  "Does it? "
  She nodded her head, 
  "Yes, my mom is that beautiful but why does it look so scary"she tried touching the portrait again and he rebuked her from doing so. 

  "Don't touch it like that, okay? "He said and she nodded, 
  "I won't but.... "
  "So you never know whom your mother is? "
  She shook her head deeply confused about what he meant by that. 

  "I don't know, my mom is a human being with a good heart, a woman I've known all my life "
  He smiled, 
  She probably don't know that her mom is more than a beast to be called a mom. 

   "Your mom isn't what you think she is, "
  She frowned turning her face to the picture once again, 
  "You know this whole place "he gesticulated with his hands indicating everything in the whole house that he owns, 

  "This whole place used to be your mothers"he said and her jaw dropped, 
  "What?! "She exclaimed looking about everything in the whole room and then at the picture, 

  "Yes, your mom used to be here and... "
  "Are you saying your mom is a vampire? "She asked finding everything super funny, 

  He's got to be kidding her cuz there's no way she's going to believe this, 
 "No, your mom is not a vampire.... Look at that picture very well and tell me what it is"he said pointing at the portrait and she looked sternly at the portrait. 

   The nine tails stood out, the blue eyes, the hair... Almost every part was looked at so sternly by Elena. 
   Her mind struck on an idea about what it is and she gasped... A fox! A nine tailed fox!! 

  She gulped looking at Roy with surprising look on her face, 
   "A f-f-o-o-x, a nine tailed one, you're saying my mom is the goddess's fox? The one with.... "

  "You said it all, your mom is... "
  "Unbelievable! That's not true! My mom never exhibited any... "
  "How will you know? "He interrupted and she began to shake her head. 

   Her mom is not like that, she won't ever believe this... But he said all of this house belongs to her mother? 
  No, that's not true too. 

   She turned walking away but Roy's words was soon to catch her halfway standing;
  "Why do you think I treated you harshly at first? 

Its because I smelled out the foz blood in you, I have been looking for your for the past fifty years, I've been trying to hunt her down for killing my dad so unjustly and being so cruel to the habitant of these woods and.... "

  "I don't believe you and I won't! "She interrupted getting irritated, how can a vampire insult her mother like that? 
  He smirked coming closer to her, 
  "I didn't say you should believe me but am telling you what you're! "

  "I don't believe you! I will act like I didn't hear what you said to me today "
  He smiled, 
  "And you will also pretent about the fact that you're a fox blood too? How did I smell it out with my perfect nose? 

Are you still going to act like its all fine? "


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