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      (Lost in the woods.... Roy's weakness😔


 He looked away from her and strolled his way to the dining room where he would eat his food. 

   He sat down and the maids served him, 
  He looked up and beckoned to one of the maids to come closer, 

   "Taste this food"
  She tasted and he smiled,. "How does it taste like? "He asked cheerfully and with a shivering voice she replied. 

  "Uh... Sweet "
He smiled to her and she shivered the more... Is she in trouble? She can't be right? 
  His mind seemed to have hit a jackpot the moment he sat on the chair to eat. 

   He have to payback what ever thing he did to Elena, especially that uncleanable scar on her back, 
 He is going to pay her back for that. 

   "Sweet right? "
She nodded, 
  "Who made it? "He asked and she pointed to the cook who was a feet away from them. 

 The female cook shivered immediately she was pointed at, 
  He saw her and smiled at her before signaling her to come close. 

  She did but with fear of the worst, 
  "I'm sorry if it was too salty and... "
  "Its fine, how did you make this food? Can you teach me? "

  Everyone inside the huge dining room gasped almost immediately they heard those words from him, 
Is he kidding or just being real? 

  "Master Roy... My lord"she bowed unsure of what she heard from him,  
   "How did you make this? I want to make a same one like this before the end of today so you have to teach me"

  Her fear increased, what if its a trap to take away her life? 
  He stood up heading for the kitchen and then stopped when he noticed that the cook and the maids weren't following him. 

  "The last to enter the kitchen will have himself to blame "he thundered and they all scurried into the kitchen and he smirked going into the kitchen. 

Several hours, he was by the cooking side of the kitchen, wounding and cutting himself, 

   The cook kept teaching feeling relaxed every passing minute when she came to understand that he was serious about what he said about learning how to cook. 

   "How do I do this? "He asked raising up a ball of onions and the maids suppressed their laughter, 
  He looked at them and their faces turned pale and mean, 
  "Laugh all you want, am not going to hurt anyone,"he spoke softly and they were surprised the more. 

 🗣What's wrong with him? 
🗣I told you that Elena got into him. 
🗣She bent him to her will. 
🗣He's all cool and so lovable now. 

🗣And now I can say that he's okay... 
  "You guys are making noise can't you see am learning? "He scowled and they kept quiet. 

  "So urm... "
Teaching began again, 
   Several hours passed and he was taught until he made a meal. 

 A semi-nice one and he was satisfied with it. He never thought that he could make this in his whole life of living on earth. 

  "Everyone should have a taste and tell me how it tastes like"he ordered and they in turns tasted the meal. 

  Fear wouldn't let them say that the food was not good and wasn't bad either, 

  He knew that already from their thoughts so he didn't bother letting them lie by asking them to tell him the result of the taste. 

 He let that slide and sent them all away and that's when Elena stood at the door way of the kitchen super surprised to see him.... 


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