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      (Lost in the woods.... Roy's weakness😔




  "Let me play some strings for you to make you feel better"she said smiling when Roy sat up from his bed, 

   He haven't been out of his room all day neither have Elena, she just managed to get his whole room cleaned up and taking care of him since he was sick, 

  "Should I? "She asked and he nodded while she reached for his violin and sat down on a stool facing him who was sitting down on the bed, 

With his legs on the floor, 
 "Okay... One... Two... Three... "She began to play the beautiful strings, 

🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼 🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼 🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼 🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼

🗣Wow! Who's playing that? 
🗣Wow! That's so beautiful but where is that sound coming from? 

All eyes were pointing to Roy's room, 
  They gasped tip-toeing to his door to have a peep of what's going on in there and why its so calm in there. 

 Roy rarely stays calm when he's inside his room so they were so surprised why today is got to be different. 
  Roy knew they were spying but he have to let it be. 

 He didn't want to scare Elena by what he wouldve done to them, 
  He watched her play softly and beautifully with her eyes shut tight and her lips smiling. 

  Those smiles made him smile, he was smiling so hard without knowing, 
🗣Oh my gosh! 
🗣Isn't that Roy? He's smiling! 

🗣Am dreaming! That's not Roy! 
🗣Oh my! He's smiling really at her! 
🗣Roy is smiling! First time I saw him so full of heart for someone, 

  He didn't stop smiling, he touched a hair that came to her face and pushed it up to the side of her ear, he only wanted to look at that beautiful face of hers and not hairs. 

  Even though he was having a deep likeness for her, he can't help getting troubled when his mind traveled to the fact that she was his enemy's daughter! 

 It hurts him so much but he can't help it, he didn't want that to bother him at all, 
  All he wants now to listen to the beautiful sounds she was making with those strings. 

  She suddenly stood up from her stool and sat on the ground inviting him to do same thing, 
 He did what she asked him to do. 

🗣Huh! Roy is sitting on the floor! 
🗣Oh my! What has she done to him? 
🗣Roy is sitting on the ground! 
🗣Did you see that? 

🗣My lord is sitting on the ground! 
🗣I didn't see that so clearly! 
🗣Didn't see that so clearly! 
🗣Roy is really sitting on the floor... Something I've never seen him do before! 

  He smiled, sitting on the floor beside her was the happiest feeling ever, she continued to play until she got tired and then began to feel sleepy. 

  She didn't want to tell him that she was tired, she just hanged on for a while until she lost it crashing her head on his shoulder, 

  🗣Did you see that? 
🗣He's not saying anything! 
🗣Oh my! 
🗣That was really cool and he's not even saying anything, 

 He checked her to be sure if she's asleep of faking it but she was asleep, he smiled and scooped her up placing her on his bed and covered her with his duvet looking at her pretty face. 

  He dressed his hair and magically came out of the room without the notice of the on lookers who were at his door, 
  "What are you guys doing at my door? "Rang into their ears from their back.... 


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