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      (Lost in the woods.... Roy's weakness😔



But how? How can his temperature go so high in a matter or seconds? 
  She went to his bathroom, his expensive large bathroom caught her fancy. 

 How girlie everything looked like, he's really a girl if not for his brutality and rudeness towards people, 

   She grabbed a little towel and a bowl which she filled with water and then rushed back to his side, 
  She wanted to use the method she had seen maids use on her when she gets sick and her body so super hot! 

  She wanted to use that on him even though she have never done that before, 
  She dipped the towel into the bowl filled with water and then squeezed it a little. 

  She placed it on top of his forehead afterwards and began to scrub the whole of his forehead with it, 

 Something came to her mind almost immediately as she dipped the towel again into the water and was about placing it on his forehead, 

  Why was she helping him out? This cruel man who had caused her so much pain up to now, a man who treated her like trash and... No! She mustn't think of that now. 

  If he's dead, no one will protect her in the woods any more, everyone is afraid to touch her all because of him, he's not eaten up again or came to a near death just when she first came all because of him. 

 If he's gone, she's not sure she will ever walk out of the wood alive, so she's so correct if she's helping him out, he can treat her as much as he wants when he's okay but for now, 

  She has to help him after all, she always wake up in the middle of the night to see her guarding over her bedside as if he were a bodyguard. 

  He never sent her into the woods in the first place so it was entirely her fault and not his... She can hate him afterwards too but for now, he needs some help with his health. 

  He felt sour when he heard her mind speaking all these time, to her, he's a cruel being which can never be with her. 
  To her, he's so cruel to the extent that she's trying to force herself into what's she's doing for him now. 

He felt so bad, he felt like he should do something good for her, something to erase all the pain she felt in the past all because of her. 

  She continued what's she's doing, she stopped for a moment and uncovered him a bit so that some fresh air can get into his body. 

She later rang the bell for the guards to come and take those dead body away, its scaring her each time her eyes came in contact with them. 

   The gaurds came in and bundled all of them away, they were surprised, 
  A girl in Roy's room and she's not getting hurt by him! 

  They thought what they've been hearing from the maids were lies until they saw for themselves. 

When they went out, words began to spread, 
🗣Roy has a mistress which he can never touch or hurt. 

 🗣Did you see that? 

🗣She was even confident, 

🗣Roy has a weakness afyerall and its that woman! 


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