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      (Lost in the woods.... Roy's weakness😔



  He took the bowl from her just as she wanted and drank the whole content even though it was as bitter and tasteless like a gall. 

  She was surprised, 
 She shook her head not sure if its Roy or not, 
  "You... Go back to bed, you will soon be okay, I will.... I will call in the guards to clean the mess on the floor"she rattled on and on. 

  "I'm sorry I killed them"he mumbled to her, she was baffled, 
  Roy saying sorry? Not only sorry but whom he actually said this to... He's saying it to her! 

  He's saying that he's so sorry for killing those people! How? Why? 
  "Yeah, its good"she replied nervously dressing his pillow and then, 
  "Now sleep, you will soon be okay"she said as he head lowered on the pillow but this time, he didn't take his eyes off her face. 

Her eyes especially, he kept looking into them, he wished those eyes will come to see his and like them just like he way he likes hers. 

 But she won't, even as tender she might treat him, she doesn't like him and that's what's making him sick . 

 It was his heart who is sick and not him, he felt sick at heart when he heard her say or rather call that man her lover. 

 Calvan... A name which have come to be a torment to his soul, 
  "Close your eyes and sleep"she muttered when he couldn't look away from her face. 

  He stopped thinking and then closed his eyes, his long upper lashes flapped and gummed with the one beneath giving his closed eyes sexy. 

  His parted lips closed up, his nose bridge was so admirable, 
  She couldn't resist herself from not touching his face, 

At least just this once cuz she might not be able to touch his face one more time if she didn't do that now, 
  She touched his forehead with fear but then relaxed when Roy didn't make a stir. 

 He loved the soft warmth of her palm on his face, he wished it will stay there for a while, maybe forever if possible. 
  She liked the way his forehead was shaped. 

  Her first finger stood pointing and then it trailed from his forehead to his nose and down to his nose bridge before his lips. 

  His soft lips, she smiled, at least she have touched the most pretty guy face she have ever seen. Now she can rest, she checked his temperature and it was normal. 

   She was relieved a bit but not without her eyes going over his bare chest, his stomach. 
  She looked away immediately but damn! His abs was so irresistible! 

  She drew the duvet up covering his naked body and he smiled deep within him, he read her thoughts and knew what's going in there. 

She kept saying sexy and other romantic words which he never knew before but he liked them! He really liked when she called him that. 

   She stood up to go and he felt it once again, he didn't want her to leave and he knows a way to keep her close to him. 

 He magically increased his body temperature and then shivered to her hearing, she turned her head to see the restless look on his face, 
  She checked his temperature once again and was surprised. 

  His temperature had gone too high than when she checked him earlier.... 


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