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      (Lost in the woods.... Roy's weakness😔



 It was her! He was looking at her! 
  She was scared stiff by the way he stared at her but he didn't get violent. 

He was calm, he looked at the mess he made on the floor and was embarrassed cuz Elena might've seen him do all these. 

   He looked at his body and saw how soiled he is with blood. 
 She stepped into the room shivering. 

  He coiled and stepped back like a child who did something wrong and was going to be punished by his own mother. 
  He couldn't look her in the eyes,

He was cleaning his body and smelling it to see he really looked smelly, 
  "I-h-e-a-r-d-y-o-u-w-e-r-e-s-i-c-k-? "She stuttered and he didn't stir, he was mute looking at the floor, 
  She wasn't sure if she will really touch her or not but she have to make a try, 

  "Lie down on... Lie... I mean lie... Lie... I mean lie down on the... That bed... Lemme see what's wrong with you"she stuttered on end really scared. 

But something baffled her afterwards, he went and lay on the bed just as she has said. 
  He didn't even grudge or lash at her just like he used to. 

  He lay down closing his eyes and she gasped. This can't be real! He was obeying her! Not like she's misunderstanding this but the dead bodies on the floor all came to treat but he killed them off. 

Then, why her? Why did he suddenly listen to her? He didn't even threaten her or make her look scared, she was the just the one getting scared for nothing cuz he didn't even touch her but was really surprised when he learnt that it was her! 

  He was really surprised cuz she saw them in his eyes, 
  She shook her head to stop thinking before rushing to his medical kits to look for some herbs which she would treat him with but none was in side of it. 
She has to make some for herself, she scurried out in a swift running into the herb room, 
  "What are you looking for? "
  "Uhm... Any herbs... I mean... Herbs for pains and... "

  "You mean for Roy? "He asked looking at her with some surprised look on his face, 
  No one dares give Roy medicine and live to tell the story . 

  "Yes for him, he's sick"
  "You better leave him alone, he's going to be fine "
  "He's sick! Aren't you going to give me herbs ? "she asked frowning at him. 

  He shook his head pitying her pretty life before he turned and mixed some herbs which were suitable for Roy's condition and cooked it in a small pot on top a fire. 

  Soon, he was done and he poured the content of the pot into a wooden bowl and handed it to Elena who rushed out again into Roy's room. 

 When she came in, he was still as she left him, 
  She didn't let her fear get into her, 
She went to his bedside and sat down. 

He felt her presence beside him and it gave him some kind of relief, she's the one who made him angry and she's the same person he really thinks that he wants now. 

   He opened his eyes and she gasped, 
  Stutters began, how's she going to tell him to drink his medicine? 

   "Drink"she mumbled looking away from him with her hands stretched with the bowl of cooked herbs in her hands.... 


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