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      (Lost in the woods.... Roy's weakness😔



A lover by the name Calvan, he paced about his room.what's wrong with him?why is he so angry that she has a lover? 

  She's supposed to have a lover after all, yet, he couldn't control himself, the anger was so freaking hot that he had to lie down on his bed to get better. 

   She sobbed, 
She really wanted to be home, she wanted to see her parents again, she wanted to see her dad and argue with him once again. 

Wanted to hear mom tell her stories, those lovely romnatic stories she used to tell her. 
She wanted to sleep under her care and she wanted to see Calvan. 

 Tell him sorry about everything, running away and causing him so much trouble. 
  She wished to change, she won't ever be stubborn in her life again. 

  Life in the wood have a taught her a bitter lesson which she will never forget in a hurry. 
  She will never forget this huge scar on the upper most part of her back. 
  It might've healed and no longer painful but the hate of it still lingered. 
   She thought that in her life that people bathed with wounds that way were slaves. 

  And she wasn't a slave, she just came to know that everyone is equal and can be treated equally in a harsh world. 

   "Elena "someone maids scurried into the room screaming, 
  "Elena "they repeated her name shouting and she stood up on hearing her name from them, 

  "Yes what it is? "She asked holding her long gown by her knee side so as to raise it up a bit from her feet and she won't be able to match on it. 

  "What it is? "She repeated peering into their eyes, 
  "Its my lord... "One said panting while another interrupted, 
  "Our lord"

  "What happened to him? "She asked getting curious and nervous at same time, 
  "He's so sick and groaning badly on his bed, anyone who comes in, he cuts his throat"

 Elena gasped, he's at it again! She thought he had stopped killing for a while which made her think solemnly that he doesn't kill anymore. 

  "That can't be! "She refuted shaking her head in dissaproval, 
  "Its true! Strain your ears and you can hear him"

  She strained her ear at what the maid said and damn! She could really hear his groans, she didn't know when she ran out of her room rushing to his chambers. 

 She was scared stiff as he heard different groans of people apart from his own, how's she going to get in there without getting killed? 

 How is she going to do that? She was risking her life over something that did not concern her, 
  She was shivering as she held the door knob sliding it open. 

 "One more person coming in here have himself to blame! "Roy's voice rang through out the whole room, 

She developed cold feet immediately, looking around, dead bodies were everywhere with blood all over the ground and even on some part of his body. 

  He wasn't wearing his shirt and his sexy, handsome body stood out in view for Elena. 
  Even as terrified as she was, she couldn't help herself from admiring the beauty in front of him. 

  "That person standing behind me should get out! "Roy thundered and she found herself saying;
  "My master, its me Elena"

 He gasped turning to see that it was really her! 


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